Trailer Park: ‘The X-Files,’ ‘I Love You, America,’ ‘Happy!’ ‘Waco,’ and ‘The Librarians’

“Civilization is in its final stages.” Yeah, I don’t disagree, Cigarette-Smoking Man. I think we all agree on that point.

The X-Files returns on Fox in 2018.

Watch this song number from Sarah Silverman’s upcoming Hulu series I Love You, America, and try to ignore that it was filmed on the same set as Beyonce’s “Hold Up” video.

I Love You, America debuts on Hulu on October 12.

Happy! looks like it will be the most surreal new show since Legion.

Happy! debuts on Syfy on December 6.

Waco is a limited series about the Waco siege and David Koresh, who is played, improbably, by Taylor Kitsch.

Waco will air on the upcoming Paramount Network (formerly Spike) this January.

The library is … changing … in the trailer for the fourth season of The Librarians.

The Librarians returns on TNT on December 20.

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