Jon Stewart provides the equal time the Snowflake-in-Chief demanded the women of Late Night respond to Harvey Weinstein’s “apology,” and the rest of the best of late night

As I noted yesterday, Donald Trump pouted this weekend that Late Night is always SO MEAN to him ALL THE TIME, and he demanded “equal time.”

Now, why this fucking moron only noticed this now when Late Night has been going after him for literally years remains a mystery — I’m pretty sure this asshole was just testing out the waters of a new culture war to distract us from Puerto Rico, Russia, North Korea, Bob Corker, being called a “fucking moron” by his own Secretary of State, the fact that he has spent the last four weekends golfing, the failed health care bill, the going-to-fail tax bill, the fact that he has accomplished fuck-all legislatively, and the anniversary of “grab her by the pussy,”  — but whatever, challenge accepted.

Stephen Colbert invited Jon Stewart on his show to provide the positive comments that the Baby-in-Chief so desperately craves. It proves to be more than Stewart can handle. #I’mWithJon #ComeBackJon

Jimmy Kimmel’s comments on this story were very personal as it led to a Twitter war between himself and DonJon Trump Jr. and the Harvey Weinstein story. It didn’t end well for DonJon Trump Jr. Stay through the end for a hilarious guest appearance.

I was going to lead with Late Night’s coverage of the Harvey Weinstein story, as conservatives have jumped on it as proof that the liberal media and entertainment business is hypocritical and biased. Now, it’s true that Saturday Night Live threw out some Weinstein jokes and John Oliver was the first Late Night comedian to address the gross story — on Sunday — but the story broke on Thursday and none of the Late Night shows tape on Friday.

Late Night with Seth Meyers‘ female writers were the ones to address the Harvey Weinstein story, explaining that the only thing surprising about it was that there were actual consequences. And bravo to Late Night with Seth Meyers for allowing women to have the voice in this story, and express their side of this mess, instead of just reducing it to one or two lame jokes delivered by another white guy.

Stephen Colbert spent the most time on the issue including some gory details:

James Corden notes that Harvey Weinstein gave Hurricane Harvey a bad name. 

The Tonight Show had one meager Weinstein joke, spending more time on a gag about the “adult day care” at the White House.

But there was more that happened this weekend than just Harvey Weinstein being a rapey creep and Trump picking a pointless fight with Late Night. Stephen Colbert tries to catch up with all the crap that has went down:

So much has happened in the last few days that this edition of “A Closer Look” takes aim at Trump’s handling of Puerto Rico, claiming that he invented the word “fake,” Mike Pence walking out of the NFL game, Bob Corker, Trump hinting that we are in the “calm before the storm,” and our escalation with North Korea. It’s too much! I’m sick of all the winning!

In non-political, non-sexual predator news, Stephen Colbert’s bandleader John Baptiste gives us a primer on his hometown of New Orleans, and as a former New Orleanian, I can vouch for all of this:

And James Corden has fallen in love with everyone’s new boyfriend, Jeopardy rapscallion Austin Rogers.

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