‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Hunker down

Bachelor in Paradise
August 2, 2016

Now that Bachelor Ben has “found love” with some stewardess, whatever her name was, Lori? Lulu? Loni? Who cares? and Jojo the Unicorn is “engaged” to some NFL player’s less talented younger brother, it’s time to throw a decontamination tent over the Bachelor McMansion and take the rejects down to Mexico to get drunk and exchange bodily fluids.

Three hours a week of this, you guys. And that’s not counting a fourth hour of “After Paradise” nonsense that I am definitely not watching. You can’t make me.

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The Rio Olympics: Gymnasts Hit the Floor

Wow! I can’t believe we’re here!

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Not just here, in Rio, a city founded by giant steampunk spider monsters (according to the opening ceremonies interpretive dance medley), but also HERE on Foolish Watcher, a spiffy new television destination. Also founded by giant steampunk spider monsters. True facts!
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