You’ll never guess who had a real dumb take on ‘And Just Like That …’ (It’s Meghan McCain.)


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The Oscars have opted to cut eight categories from the broadcast in an effort to improve ratings. This year the awards for documentary short, film editing, makeup/hairstyling, original score, production design, animated short, live-action short, and sound will not take the stage to receive their Oscars.

And people are super pissed!

To play Devil’s Advocate, I would point out that the Academy has always picked “favorites” for the broadcast. There’s an entirely separate, un-televised ceremony for the scientific and technical awards, and I’m sure all of those folks would also love to have that “once-in-a-lifetime” experience of accepting an Oscar on the big stage. That said, I am very cynical that making these cuts will make the ceremony shorter or more interesting to watch, and ultimately will only serve as an insult to these talented people who deserve to be recognized.

Megan McCain had some dumb thoughts about And Just Like That …: namely that she was irritated at how “woke” it was by including ~checks notes~ people of color and queer characters in a show that takes place in New York City.

She went on to whine, “One of them [the new characters] is — of course — queer and nonbinary. Because it’s so boring and un-evolved to be a straight white woman.”

As a straight white woman, I am here to say there is nothing more boring than straight white women.

Anyway, the cast of And Just Like That … had some thoughts on McCain’s dumbfuckery:

Nicole Ari Parker, who plays Lisa Todd Wexley in And Just Like That, then took a more personal swipe at McCain, adding, “Comments like that say more about the person saying them.”

“What’s too much? Maybe in your living room or when you step outside, it looks the same as inside, and you go to the grocery store, and it’s the same,” she said, addressing McCain directly. “Maybe it is too much for you. For these characters in New York City, it’s not.”

McCain, who is just always looking for attention, was just pleased they were talking about her.

After four months, and just in time for the premiere of America’s Got Talent: Extreme, Johnathan Goodwin was released from the hospital after sustaining injuries on set.

According to James Gunn, Peacemaker came to be entirely because of just how good an actor John Cena was in The Suicide Squad.

A background actor on Euphoria is spilling some tea about how grueling filming the series is.

Peaky Blinders might be ending, but the spinoffs and movies aren’t.

La Brea is going to be extra long this season. What a pity I won’t be blogging it.

The U.K. is looking into revoking the broadcasting license of RT in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Hey, FCC: thoughts?

Wendy Williams suggests that she might return to TV one day. Get better, Wendy!

A couple of days ago, a comedian tweeted a not funny, uninformed take on Ted Lasso viewers that she clearly thought was “edgy” or something:

All it did, predictably, was piss off Ted Lasso viewers, childless adults, and fans of Disney, all of whom lashed out in her replies.

This screenwriter does a great job in a very long Tweet thread explaining why her tweet is just insulting, not funny, and contributes to this irritating trend of comedians acting like they’re the victims when people don’t like their material. It’s worth clicking through and reading the whole thing.

But also, just fucking watch Ted Lasso before you start spouting off about it, you halfwit.

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Last week:

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This week:

New York Times

These numbers are clearly moving in a very positive direction. I mean, obviously more than 60,000 people hospitalized and nearly 2,000 deaths a day isn’t great, but we are definitely seeing the tail end of Omicron. All I ask for is a calm spring and summer before we have to start worrying about variants again.

Oh, and beginning next month, we no longer will have to wear masks on airplanes.

More great news: the booster shot is so effective, if you’re not immunocompromised, you might not need to get another shot for years. Now, that is dependent on you getting the booster shot in the first place, and from what I’m seeing, only 28% are boosted. Dammit all to hell, go get your shot already.

Breaking news: Horse paste not only doesn’t cure COVID, but it can also actually make you sicker.

An update on the Oscars: Performers and presenters don’t have to be vaccinated, but nominees and guests do? What nonsense is this? More importantly, who is the anti-vaxxer they want to present so badly? Joe Rogan? It’s Joe Rogan, isn’t it?

Queen Elizabeth IS NOT DEAD. That said, she does have COVID (thanks, Prince Charles) and is now canceling even virtual meetings, so that’s a bit worrisome.

Neil Cavuto is back on Fox News after battling COVID pneumonia in the ICU for weeks.

Cavuto also told viewers that “the vaccine didn’t cause this. That grassy knoll theory has come up a lot that I really have to put it to rest. My very compromised immune system did. Because I’ve had cancer and now have Multiple Sclerosis, I’m among the vulnerable three percent of the population or so that simply cannot sustain the full benefits of a vaccine. In other words, it doesn’t last.

“But let me be clear, doctors say had I not been vaccinated at all, I wouldn’t be here. It provided some defense, but that is still better than no defense. Maybe not great comfort for some of you. I’ve got to be honest, frankly, it was not great comfort for me either!”

Justin Bieber has tested positive and had to postpone at least one concert.

Evangeline Lilly needs to cut it out already. It’s so disappointing to see her support a movement that is so ignorant and that has been co-opted by the violent right.


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