Even if you don’t watch any ‘Real Housewives,’ what is happening on those shows right now is interesting. No, I’m serious.

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For those of you who don’t watch The Real Housewives of Anything, there’s a whole storm that is currently brewing about race on several of the series both on-screen, off-screen, and among the fans.

The short version of the story is that last year in the wake of the George Floyd protests, Bravo made a concerted effort to diversify some of their whiter casts, and it worked: The Real Housewives of New York has its first Black cast members this season; The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills introduced their first Asian castmember (and introduced their first Black cast member last season). And with these cast members have come on-screen conversations about race — conversations that clearly make some of the white cast members very uncomfortable. That push and pull of the cast members of color wanting to have these conversations and the white cast members wanting to avoid them at all cost has become the conflict of the season (at least over on New York) and now some fans are complaining that the shows have become “too woke,” boring, and preachy, which mirrors the conflict happening on the shows.

Vulture‘s Real Housewife expert, Brian Moylan, wrote an interesting response and mea culpa to Real Housewife of New York’s Eboni Williams who took issue with him blaming her for the season being “boring” that is illuminating. And Buzzfeed has an excellent deep dive on the whole issue and the franchise’s fraught history in dealing with race which is worth your time, especially if you watch any of these shows — but even if you don’t. I think this entire Real Housewives problem (such as anything happening on a reality show is a real “problem”) is a reflection of our society in miniature of all of the fights we are currently having over Critical Race Theory and voting rights and immigration and the rise of white supremacy … just with a lot less at stake and with more glam squads.

Talking about race is deep and difficult, but you also can’t have a diverse cast on a reality series and expect the issue of race to not be addressed in one fashion or another. And that’s going to make people uncomfortable! So at root is the question of whether a guilty pleasure franchise about a bunch of rich women behaving badly which is designed to be a diversion from real life can ever address actual real-life issues in a way that can also be diverting? It’s a reality television philosophical question: Can a frivolous show ever tackle non-frivolous questions while maintaining its frivolity? I guess we’re finding out …

Jenna Fisher wasn’t cast as Matt LeBlanc’s wife on Man with a Plan because audiences didn’t believe Pam would marry Joey.

Peppa Pig‘s long con to retake America for the crown is working.

CNN+ will launch in 2022.

American Horror Story has opened a bakery pop-up in Manhattan’s Meat Packing District, because what says American Horror Story better than baked goods?

While on Saturday Night Live, Jim Belushi once threw a fire extinguisher at then-producer Dick Ebersol, who fired his ass. And honestly, this is one of those situations where it’s hard to know who to root for.

Ever wonder who was bigger, Drogon or Smaug? Wonder no more. This person who put the sizes of different pop culture dragons into perspective is doing us all a huge favor. I guess.

All the Daytime Emmy Award winners that aren’t soap operas, game shows, or talk shows have been announced, and I have a question: How do Netflix and other streamers determine what is a “daytime program”?

Oh my God, the lawsuit between Frank Darabont, CAA, and AMC over The Walking Dead is finally over, and AMC will pay Darabont and his agency $200 million. I thought this lawsuit would easily outlive us all.

John Mulaney is going on a (very small) tour.

Isaiah Stokes, an actor who appeared in both Law & Order and Boardwalk Empire, has been charged with second-degree murder in Queens, New York, accused of shooting a man to death.

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  • Heels will debut on Starz on August 15.
  • Sex Education returns on Netflix on September 17.
  • Brand New Cherry Flavor will debut on Netflix on August 13.
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  • Back on the Record with Bob Costas will premiere on HBO on July 30.
  • Bake Squad will premiere on Netflix on August 11.
  • Fast & Furious: Spy Racers premieres on Netflix on August 13.
  • Family Reunion returns on Netflix on August 26.
  • Britannia will return on Sky on August 24.
  • The Secret Diary of an Exchange Student will premiere on Netflix on August 18.


Biz Markie, Legendary rapper known as the “clown prince of hip hop”

Tom O’Connor, British co-host of a number of game shows, including Crosswits, Password, and Name That Tune

William F. Nolan, The writer of Logan’s Run and other TV series and movies

Pilar Bardem, Award-winning film and TV actress, and mother of Javier Bardem

Mat George, Podcast host of She Rates Dogs

Theresa Velasquez, Producer of Live Nation


The Bachelorette: Katie and the men explore the art of Georgia O’Keefe ~nudge nudge~ know what I mean? know what I mean? 7 p.m., ABC

Getaway Driver: This is a driving competition? Where the winner gets to drive a getaway car? So it’s basically Baby Driver, the show? But Michelle Rodriguez from the Fast and the Furious franchise (and, of course, Lost) hosts? OK. Series premiere. 8 p.m., Discovery

Adorableness: The Ridiculousness series has spawned again. 6 p.m., MTV

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