‘Ted Lasso,’ The Olympics, ‘Sexy Beasts’ and everything else you don’t want to miss on TV this week.



The Bachelorette: Katie and the men explore the art of Georgia O’Keefe ~nudge nudge~ know what I mean? know what I mean? 7 p.m., ABC

Getaway Driver: This is a driving competition? Where the winner gets to drive a getaway car? So it’s basically Baby Driver, the show? But Michelle Rodriguez from the Fast and the Furious franchise (and, of course, Lost) hosts? OK. Series premiere. 8 p.m., Discovery

Adorableness: The Ridiculousness series has spawned again. 6 p.m., MTV


The Flash: The Flash enlists his children from the future to defeat a new adversary, Godspeed. Season finale. 7 p.m., The CW

America’s Book of Secrets: Thanks to the virus, there’s new attention on researching the origins of pandemics and how they can be stopped before they become another COVID-19. Of course, it would help if we could just convince people to GET THE DAMN VACCINE.  8 p.m., History


Sexy Beasts: WELCOME TO YOUR NEW NIGHTMARE. Series premiere. Netflix

Olympic Dreams Featuring the Jonas Brothers: The Jonas Brothers train with Team USA to compete against one another or something. Premiere. 7 p.m., NBC

Turner & Hooch: While Drake is out there getting himself arrested for being gross with kids, his former co-star Josh is becoming the next Tom Hanks. Series premiere. Disney+

Golden: The Journey of USA’s Elite Gymnasts: Follow Laurie Hernandez, Morgan Hurd, Sunisa Lee, Konnor McClain, and MyKayla Skinner as they compete for a spot on Team USA in this docuseries. Series premiere. Peacock


Ted Lasso: Will this be Richmond FC’s year? The best show of the year returns and brings some biscuits with it. Season premiere. Apple TV+

Good Girls: Beth realizes the women’s problems will never go away in the series finale. 8 p.m., NBC

Ghost Adventures: Well, this is returning for season whatever, and there’s no indication that it will return on Travel Channel anytime soon. What the hell, guys? How am I supposed to get my allotment of douchebros in too-tight t-shirts screaming at ghosts (without subscribing to a streaming service I definitely do not want)? Discovery+

Through Our Eyes: The experiences of children going through some of the most difficult challenges, including homelessness, parental incarceration, military caregiving, and climate displacement, are told through their perspectives. Series premiere. HBO Max

Ultra City Smiths: An insane voice cast are employed in this stop-motion mystery series. Series premiere. (It will premiere on AMC later this year.) AMC+


The Olympics: Should these be happening? PROBABLY NOT, but here we are. 5:55 a.m., & 6:30 p.m., NBC

Masters of the Universe: Revelation: Kevin Smith gives us his own take on He-Man and his battle against Skeletor. Series premiere. Netflix

Charmed: Only a Whitelighter can save Macy in the season finale.  7 p.m., The CW


Tig Notaro: Drawn: Comedian Tig Notaro performs in this all-new animated special.  9 p.m., HBO

Olympics: Swimming (finals); Beach Volleyball (preliminary); Gymnastics; Men’s 3×3 Basketball 7 p.m., NBC

Freaky: Like Freaky Friday, but instead of switching places with her mom, our heroine switches bodies with a serial killer. (I hear this is great fun.) 7 p.m., HBO


Olympics: Men’s Triathlon; Women’s Gymnastics (team competition); Swimming (finals) 6 p.m., NBC

The Good Witch: Series finale. 8 p.m. Hallmark

Coco: Feel like a good cry? 8 p.m., Freeform


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