Because these are trying times, I offer you BOTH teevee news AND a cute animal video. No need to thank me.

Good afternoon — sorry these posts keep coming later and later in the day. Like I said, this was supposed to be Spring Break, this was supposed to be the view I was waking up to every morning:


But instead, I’m dealing with two teenagers and one husband who are all in my workspace (i.e. our house) and as a result, the concept of time no longer has any real meaning.

So, before we get to the only real news of the day, here are a few diversionary stories to take your minds off of the apocalypse for a second or two:

Here are a bunch of travel shows to stream on Hulu if you are still bitter about having to cancel your ski vacation not that I know anyone who is like that.

I don’t really know much about sportsball, but from what I understand, Houston Texans fans are really upset over something that happened yesterday? Maybe this will make them feel better: Tom Brady is leaving the Patriots. Even I know that’s a big fucking deal.

Here, Warming Glow dissects the whole “Let Lizzie McGuire Fuck” controversy and the question of who Disney+’s audience actually is? Is it children or nostalgic adults or is it both and they need to work out a filter system like Netflix has figured out?

Netflix and Hulu have come together to share Community.

In sad news: A production assistant was paralyzed on the set of Batwoman. She’s currently paralyzed from the waist down and awaiting results ofn a surgery. We hope she has a speedy recovery.

Hey! Vote already! What do you have to lose?

Going Viral

All of this continues to be shitty and terrible and scary, so let’s start with a couple of unexpected upsides of the removal of humans:

In Venice, the canals are clear for the first time in … ever:

And because the Shedd Aquarium is closed to visitors, the staff took out a pair of penguins to explore and see the other exhibits. It made me cry happy tears.


Also. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have left the hospital so that’s something to be grateful for. Here’s a wonderful profile of Hanks from a few months ago which might make you ugly cry, but at the very least will remind you that there are genuinely good people out there.


TV shows that have been postponed:

And the Fargo premiere has been postponed indefinitely.

An ABC News employee and a New York Times employee have tested positive and in truly upsetting news: IT GOT TORMUND.

tormund drinking game of thrones glug glug

Daytime TV has been upended by all of this:

Whoopi Goldberg stayed home from The View (and considering she nearly died of pneumonia last year, probably should have done this a LOT earlier).

Al Roker did the weather from his kitchen on The Today Show:

Pandemic: What You Need to Know will air on ABC instead of GMA3: Strahan, Sara & Keke.

And have you noticed all the news anchors sitting a lot farther apart from one another — if they are even in the same studio together — in the past couple of days?

Perhaps my favorite Corvid-19 television story has to be how the casts of Big Brother that happen to be filming at the moment had NO IDEA any of this was happening until this week. In Canada, the cast wondered why there wasn’t a live audience at the eviction episode. The producers decided to update them on the virus after a clip of the cast wondering what the hell was going on went viral on Twitter. And the producers of the German version, Promi Big Brother, announced that they would tell the cast on a live episode to air today. THE TRUMAN SHOW IS REAL.

Wait, was Jared Leto on a Big Brother cast?

Bull had to put a trigger warning on Monday night’s episode because it was about a citywide panic prompted by a bacterial scare. Great timing, guys!

But hey! The AMC streamer family is doing something good: Sundance Now, Shudder and Acorn TV are all offering 30 days free.

BBC is finally ditching studio audiences.

ESPN is trying to figure out what the hell to do now that there are no sports.

Speaking of sports! The Kentucky Derby has been postponed until September; The Grand Open is also moving to the fall; the Euro 2020 Soccer Tournament has been postponed; the UFC has postponed some, but not all events.

As BoingBoing correctly points out, WWE wrestling without an audience is absurdist theater:

Movies that have postponed filming or release include: Black Widow; the Avatar sequels; The Forgiven; Cut Throat City.

More movie theater chains are closing (as if they have any other choice in some cities).

And the Harry Potter London Studio Tour has been temporarily closed.

But in good news: Birds of Prey is coming to video on demand early as is The Gentlemen.

The Met Gala has finally been canceled.

The entire city of San Francisco is on lockdown. Our future? Maybe!

Probably, in fact, if stupid shit keeps happening like evangelical churches keep insisting on staying open.

shut-it-down dealbreaker

Oh no, Vanessa Hudgens, no, girl:

Also on my shit list: Florida. The entire state of Florida:

DisneyWorld stayed open this past weekend because SURE. ABSOLUTELY. NO PROBLEM THERE.

And while the Daytona cheerleading competition that is featured so prominently in Cheer has been canceled (denying Jerry, La’Darius, Lexi, and Monica another championship), this shit happened at Clearwater Beach:

bugs bunny florida

Now that we’ve gotten through that, let this video of where I am supposed to be right now offer you a moment of zen:

Mark Your Calendar

  • Upload will debut on Amazon on May 1.
  • Bosch will return on Amazon on April 17.
  • The Midnight Gospel will debut on Netflix on April 20.
  • Torn From the Headlines: New York Post Reports will premiere on ID on March 16.
  • Casa de Flores will return on Netflix on April 23.


Stuart Whitman, Actor known for westerns, and a number of TV stints, including Murder She Wrote; Walker Texas Ranger; Knot’s Landing, Fantasy Island among many many others.

Lyle Waggoner, Actor known for The Carol Burnett Show and Wonder Woman


Niall Ferguson’s Networld: In this new series, a historian explains to us that the interconnectivity isn’t a new concept. Series premiere. 7 p.m., PBS

The Conners: Ben shaves his beard. 7 p.m., ABC

Leprechaun marathon: Happy St. Patrick’s Day, you little monsters. 7 p.m., Syfy

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Bless This Mess
For Life
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