Daniel Craig hosts a ‘Saturday Night Live’ obsessed with Coronavirus

Saturday Night Live
Daniel Craig & The Weeknd
March 7, 2020

Apparently, Daniel Craig hosted Saturday Night Live some eight years ago — and apparently, I wrote about it for Tubular, but I have to be honest with you, I have no memory of this whatsoever. LOOK. A LOT HAS HAPPENED SINCE 2012 AND A LOT OF ALCOHOL HAS BEEN CONSUMED AND HONESTLY CAN YOU BLAME ME? My point is, Daniel Craig, he’s fine as a host. In fact, I’d go so far as to say he exceeded my expectations as a host, but that was only because my expectations were non-existent.

As for the episode itself, it was remarkable in that the cold open was by far the highlight with a delightful cameo by Elizabeth Warren. Otherwise, the episode was completely consumed with Coronavirus, devoting some 4 sketches — a full one-third of the episode — to the pandemic. And just to show that the more things change the more they stay exactly the same: back in 2012 when Daniel Craig hosted last time? I made note that then new cast member Kate McKinnon had completely taken over the show as its breakout star, and Big Bird made a guest appearance … cracking jokes about the SARS epidemic.

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