‘The Good Place’ is about to go and leave us all alone in the bad place.

The Good Place. It ends tomorrow, and I am not ready.

The description of the final episode: “Various conversations occur between groups of people” might out-Mad-Men Mad Men. (Who can forget such enlightening episode descriptions as “Don has trouble sleeping” or “Roger Asks Joan for help with a clerical error”?) BuzzFeed has made one of their dumb quizzes to determine which character you are but considering it said I’m Tahani, I question their methodology. I am not a Tahani,

Wait, did the Arrow series finale tease the beginning of Green Lantern?

Riverdale is going to do Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

David Schwimmer said some dumb but well-intentioned things defending Friends and how it shouldn’t be judged for its lack of diversity because it was a product of its time. I happened to be alive when Friends premiered, and I am here to tell you that it was remarked upon AT THE TIME that it was weird all these white people living in New York City never ran into people of color. Also, there was an all-black Friends. It was called Living Single and it debuted a year before Friends.

Stephen Colbert wasn’t on Monday night, so he discussed Kobe Bryant’s death on last night’s episode. There he explained that he had a sad connection to the Bryant family and his friends and the others who died in the crash as he lost his father and two brothers in a plane crash in 1974. Apparently, in that crash, the pilots were heard on the flight recorder having a conversation about other things as they approached the landing in thick fog. This led to the “sterile cockpit rule” which says that pilots can only engage in essential tasks during takeoff and landing. However, helicopters are not required to have black boxes, so there’s no way to figure out what went wrong in crashes. Colbert uses this segment to advocate that the NTSB change this to help improve helicopter safety.

Impeachment Corner!

Today begins the two-day process of the Senate asking written questions of the House Managers and the White House lawyers about their arguments. It’s just begun so we’ll have to discuss it at length tomorrow. As for what happened yesterday: the White House team concluded their argument with a weird Lost in Space reference …

Immediately after, the Republicans all huddled up to discuss whether or not there were enough votes to prevent witnesses and GUESS WHAT? MITCH MCCONNELL DOESN’T HAVE THE VOTES!


As soon as the meeting was over, Mitch McConnell made it public that he didn’t have the votes to block witnesses being called, presumably to get Republican voters riled up and calling those moderate Republicans wavering on the issue and demand to NOT hear from John Bolton.

Problem with that is the polls: The Monmouth poll put support for witnesses at 80 percent. Quinnipiac has it at 75 percent, Reuters 72 percent, Washington Post at 71 percent and CNN 69 percent. Now, it is probably reasonable to assume that the definition of “witnesses” changes depending on what party you belong to (Democrats want Bolton, Mick Mulaney, and Mike Pompeo; Republicans want Joe and Hunter Biden and the DNC Server) but trying to have an impeachment trial with NO witnesses isn’t going to fly with anyone. Mitch.

Still, don’t count McConnell out just yet. One thing that asshole tortoise does not give two shits about is public opinion, so he might very well be able to get his acquittal by the end of the week or at the latest by Monday. Underestimate the Worst Man in American Politics at your own risk.

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