Yes, Maisie Williams was old enough.

Let’s just address this now instead of waiting until I get around to publishing my recap: yes, Maisie Williams is old enough — 22 — to be a participant in SPOILER ALERT! that sex scene last night EVEN THOUGH ARYA IS OBVIOUSLY JUST A TINY BABY. A TINY TINY MURDER BABY.

HBO, knowing that people were going to freak out, posted this ahead of the episode, and maybe revealed Arya’s age in the process:

As for Maisie Williams herself, at first, she thought the scene was a prank by the writers.

Elizabeth Warren wrote an essay in The New Yorker praising Daenerys. At least she gets Game of Thrones better than either Hillary Clinton or Ted Cruz.

Some things you can bet on in Las Vegas: Who will die next; who will sit on the Iron Throne; how many people Arya will kill on her list; who will win in Cleaganebowl; and whether or not Arya will wear Littlefinger’s face.

Here’s the Florence + the Machine’s version of the “Jenny of Oldstones” song from last night’s Game of Thrones episode. SO BEAUTIFUL AND SO HAUNTING.

Speaking of, here are six other original songs from the show.

Oh, and guess what? Last night’s episode leaked early. Again.

In non-Game of Thrones business

This Wednesday’s episode of Riverdale will be Luke Perry’s final appearance on the show. ~sniffle~

According to Giancarlo Esposito, Better Call Saul will end after 6 seasons.

Esposito was just full of information and also revealed that George Lucas has been very involved in the development of The Mandalorian.

Superstore is getting two new showrunners — but it’s all good. The original showrunner is just moving onto new projects.

Apparently, Laura Ingraham fancies herself a TV critic now.

Adam Lambert will return to American Idol for a special Queen night. (Has American Idol done a Queen night before? And if not, why not?)

Abigail Disney, Disney heiress, has a lot of thoughts on Disney C.E.O., Bob Iger’s $65.5 million salary, none of them good.

Netflix is working on a feature that would play a random episode which I guess if you’re watching old episodes of Friends makes sense, but otherwise, no thank you, please?

Whoa. So last week, I almost linked to an Uproxx post that was mildly critical of Saturday Night Live’s Colin Jost but then decided against it because I doubted anyone other than me cared. As it turned out, someone cared —  someone cared enough to post multiple posts on Instagram insinuating that the Uproxx writer performs acts of bestiality on rescue dogs. And that someone was Michael Che.

Dude. Chill.

Get better, John Singleton!



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