Even Emma Stone can’t save this ‘Saturday Night Live’ (though she tries her best)

Saturday Night Live
Emma Stone & BTS
April 13, 2019

Emma Stone is so charming, so good-natured (or at least seemingly so), so up for anything, that she makes even weak material better with her sheer pluck. That said, “better” isn’t “good,” and as I’ve said about countless other episodes, Emma Stone deserved better than whatever this mess of an episode was. Sure, there were a pair of good sketches that I might fondly remember at the end of this season (but not by the beginning of the next) but there were many more clunkers and sketches that were just flat-out terrible that I feel genuinely sorry for our host.

I am sure Stone will return soon enough to claim that Five Timers Club jacket — the show clearly loves her and trusts her. I just hope when she returns they give her material worthy of her.

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‘The Magicians’: Oops is my discipline

The Magicians
“A Timeline and Place”
February 27, 2019

“It can’t get much worse.”

Julia pushes back on Quentin’s plan to help the Monster rebuild his body in order to get Eliot back. She thinks the potential risk of collateral damage is too great. Quentin confidently says they’ve taken down gods before.

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