The number one reason to be excited that ‘Game of Thrones’ is back has finally returned

To tide you over until I can get this damn recap up, here’s the always delightful “Gay of Thrones” recap for “Winterfell” — the single biggest reason to be happy that Game of Thrones is back because the best recaps on the internet returns with it:

Have a theory on how Game of Thrones will end? It might win you a trip to Croatia.

In less fun news, poor Sophie Turner opened up with her bouts of depression and thoughts of suicide that were brought on by critics of her performance on Game of Thrones. People are monsters.

More Game of Thrones crap you can buy.

Netflix broke a bunch of news yesterday: In their Q1 report, they announced that they added nearly 10 million subscribers bringing up their number of subscribers to a staggering 148.9 million.

While promising to be more transparent in the future with their viewership data, Netflix also announced that some 45 million viewers watched The Umbrella Academy; 40 million watched The Highwaymen; and 20 million watched Fyre.

Netflix is also testing a Top 10 feature to help viewers to figure out what to watch. And they, along with Amazon, are planning a bunch of live events ahead of Emmy nominations.

Beyoncé’s Homecoming arrived on Netflix overnight. I was thoroughly moved by the Coachella performance last year, and am excited to watch the documentary as soon as I’m not drowning in Game of Thrones crap. Beyoncé also released a live album of the music to accompany it.

Uh-oh: production on Swamp Thing, which was supposed to premiere on DC Universe next month, has been abruptly shut down. While the word is producers and writers are rewriting an ending, there’s some more worrying speculation courtesy of a now-deleted post from Virginia Madsen who lamented a “terrible decision.” So who knows.

Deadline is starting to publish their gossipy takes on the pilots ahead of the upfronts. It is hardly surprising that NYPD Blue and Catwoman are early locks, but there are some interesting takes on the other pilots if you are interested.

TV Insider has 7 questions they want Manifest to answer next season. Speak for yourself, TV Insider.

Here is some more information on the upcoming season of Fear the Walking Dead.

Kelsey Grammer, attention whore, is walking around with a Frasier script out in the open.

That Six Billion Dollar Man movie that has been out there for forever might actually be made. (We’ll see.)

The Television Academy is going to honor A Million Little Things, Pose, Alexa & Katie, I Am Evidence, RBG, Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story, and My Last Days with The Television Academy Honors for being “some of the most powerful and impactful television of 2018” and using television to “to inspire social change.”

Nike is releasing sneakers that are a tribute to Friends because some basketball player has the show tattooed on himself? Sure.

The Congressional Democrats on the Judiciary Committee have asked the White House for documents about the AT&T/Time Warner merger (and the White House’s attempts to prevent it), but the White House was all, “nah.”

Meanwhile, President No, Not Panicking At All has been watching more Fox News and is actually kinda mad at them:

Amy Klobuchar will be the next candidate to appear on Fox News in a town hall, but every Democratic Presidential candidate needs to book themselves a Fox News town hall immediately. (Sanders’ on Fox News was the most-watched town hall so far this year.) I understand not wanting to go on, and I understand the argument the DNC used about not doing a debate on Fox News, that Fox News is just a propaganda arm of the Republican party. But the Fox News audience is vast and insular and it needs to hear what Democrats believe and want to do for this country from their own mouths, not as interpreted by Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, and Laura Ingraham.

Stephen Colbert’s tribute to Notre Dame was lovely:

Disney is donating $5 million to rebuild Notre Dame, which is a lovely gesture considering how much money they made off of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. But a quick reminder: the Catholic Church has plenty of money and will be able to take care of the historic cathedral. You know who doesn’t have a lot of money are the three black churches in Louisiana that were set on fire last week. You can help them rebuild here. ❤️

People I fail to feel sorry for: Lori Loughlin and her husband who are SO UPSET people think they are cheating cheaters and Felicity Huffman who prosecutors want to send to jail for 4 to 10 months (although I do feel a bit more sorry for Huffman since she at least pleaded guilty).

Also, Jussie Smollett. He’s been cut from a Broadway play that he was set to headline. And there are questions emerging about how much Kim Foxx, Cook County State’s Attorney who dropped the charges against him, was involved in the decision to do so after she had recused herself from the case.

Congratulations to my news girl crush Katy Tur and her husband Tony Dokoupil on their brand new baby boy, Teddy!

And big congratulations to Hoda Kotb on adopting her second baby girl!

Sex Monster News

This is a dark look into the blacklist women in media find themselves on after suing for sexual harassment, and the downsides of being brave and speaking out.

So this is something: the former Fuller House showrunner and creator who was fired for being verbally abusive and inappropriate is suing his replacement, Bryan Behar, claiming that he essentially orchestrated a coup against him — by taking notes of shitty things he said and did? Hmm. (I happen to be friends with Behar on Facebook, though I don’t know him personally.)

Bill Cosby’s insurer just settled another sexual assault lawsuit against him and Cosby is SO MAD. Good.

So, the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard fight is heating up. She wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post as a victim of domestic abuse without ever mentioning Depp’s name — not that this prevented him from suing her for $50 million for defamation. But, when you sue someone, it opens up the discovery process and Heard is not holding back, finally exposing the details of the abuse she suffered during their marriage. As a result,Depp might FINALLY be fired from the Fantastic Beasts films.


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