Eliza Dushku is here to call allllll the bullshit on Michael Weatherly and CBS. SLAY, SLAYER.

Eliza Dushku wrote a blistering piece in the Boston Globe telling her side of the story about what happened on Bull. Now interestingly, her $9.5 million payout stipulated that she had to remain silent on what happened, so I assume the lawyers gave her clearance to write this because she does not hold back on details:

In explaining his bad behavior, Weatherly, who plays Dr. Bull, claimed I didn’t get his attempt at humor. That’s how a perpetrator rationalizes when he is caught. For the record, I grew up in Boston with three older brothers and have generally been considered a tomboy. I made a name for myself playing a badass vampire slayer turned tough LA cheerleader; I have worked with numerous leading men, including Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio , even CBS’s own David Boreanaz. I can handle a locker room. I have been on Howard Stern and was hired by Kevin Smith for a film where I wore a black leather cat suit and played a member of an international diamond-thief-gang-ring. I do not want to hear that I have a “humor deficit” or can’t take a joke. I did not overreact. I took a job and, because I did not want to be harassed, I was fired.

The tapes show Weatherly routinely exclaimed “yellow card” after distasteful remarks. I learned from crew members that, because there had been previous harassment training on “Bull,” Weatherly’s delight in yelling “yellow card” was his way of mocking the very harassment training that was meant to keep him in line.

Weatherly also bragged about his friendship with CBS chief executive Les Moonves. He regaled me with stories about using Moonves’s plane, how they vacationed together, and what great friends they were. Weatherly wielded this special friendship as an amulet and, as I can see now, as a threat.

As for Caron, the “Bull” showrunner, he was undaunted to do Weatherly’s bidding. The fact is that Caron wrote me off the show within 48 hours of my complaints about Weatherly. According to what top production brass at CBS told my agent, Caron had gotten rid of me without the knowledge or consent of that CBS team. Caron personally fired me as I was filming on set one afternoon. It is highly unusual to get fired in the middle of a shooting. I immediately phoned my manager and agent, who in turn phoned the high-ups at CBS. The CBS execs were baffled. They said that they didn’t believe that Caron had the authority to fire me this way and suggested that it could not be true. What’s more, as was documented in several e-mails and texts, they and the production company, Amblin Television, were reportedly loving my work and called what I was doing for the show “fantastic’’ and that they “love this dynamic.’’

My talent representatives spoke to Caron about my firing months later. Caron defended Weatherly, explaining he had simply exhibited “frat” behavior and added, “What does [Eliza] expect, she was in Maxim.” On the subject of my legal rights, Caron said to my manager, “If Eliza wants to be out of the business by suing CBS, she can be out of the business.”

The boys’ club remains in full force at CBS. The bullying continued. In the settlement process, CBS used as defense a photo of me in a bathing suit, pulled from my own Instagram, as if this suggested I deserved or was not offended by the sexual harassment I experienced.

Dushku lays out the entire story, including an important note that she was brought in to the show to eventually play as a romantic foil to Dr. Bull, creating a Moonlighting vibe. In fact, the show brought in Moonlighting’s creator to oversee this direction the show was supposed to take. Not to psychoanalyze Weatherly and what happened here, but I can’t help but wonder if Weatherly, who had served as the solo star of the series for the entire first season, felt threatened by the addition of a co-star and this was his way of both lashing out and establishing dominance over Dushku.

Whatever Weatherly’s motivations for harassing Dushku were, the pattern of behavior in this story — man in power harasses woman; woman complains to the authorities; man is protected by authorities and woman is forced out of her job — is frustratingly common (just read this infuriating story about a star economist at Harvard). And that’s why the way CBS responded to Dushku is so galling: this is a textbook case of sexual harassment — almost comically so — and they could not have handled this in a more gallingly awful way: “SHE POSED IN MAXIM AND SAYS BAD WORDS SOMETIMES, SO WE’LL FIRE HER AND RUIN HER CAREER WHILE KEEPING THE LEERING CREEP ON THE PAYROLL!” Anyway, you should read the whole thing, Dushku has written a very powerful piece that clearly comes from a rightfully angry place. Meanwhile, CBS: FIRE MICHAEL WEATHERLY.

Oh cool, CBS is paying Les Moonves’ legal fees. And he’s not backing down.

OWN has canceled romantic drama Love Is ____ after executive producer Salim Akil was sued by a woman who alleged he abused her when they were in a relationship. He has denied the charges.

Harvey Weinstein’s case is moving forward in New York despite his attempt to have it thrown out.

A reminder: Michael Rappaport is kinda an asshole.

Dear Men: If the #MeToo movement makes you nervous, and you feel like you have to change your behavior as a result, maybe your behavior wasn’t OK to begin with.

In Other TV News


We now know the top ten network shows (that aren’t the Super Bowl) and let me just say, it is embarrassing, America, that Manifest is on this list. Surely there’s something better to watch, like LITERALLY ANYTHING? Also, fun fact: the number one show isn’t on the air anymore.

Completely unrelated to the fact that the number one show wasn’t The Big Bang Theory, CBS is considering cutting its relationship with Nielsen.

As for cable — guess what the number one cable network was … and has been for the past 13 YEARS.

Good news! The Parks and Recreation reunion they keep torturing us with is going to happen! Bad news! It’s at Paley Fest.

Sarah Palin, the woman who answered “all of them,” when asked what newspaper or magazine she reads, and who once did this hilarious interview (never forget):

wasn’t funny enough to be included in Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America?

But ultimately, I looked at the footage and it just wasn’t funny enough. For the pieces to be good ,there has to be a good comic dynamic. She was just delivering these kind of rote answers, as if she was doing a campaign speech. And even though I sat with her I think for about two-and-a-half hours, there was no comedy gold.

Also, there won’t be a second season of Who Is America? because there’s no way anyone’s publicist is going to allow their clients anywhere near someone who could be Sacha Baron Cohen, obviously. To be honest, this Deadline interview with Cohen is really, really interesting, revealing which Trump administration member he almost interviewed only to be undone by Shopkins, the thing that sent O.J. Simpson out of the room, and the darkest thing they filmed — so dark they turned it over to the FBI.

A Reddit user found something called Black Mirror: Bandersnatch on its own Netflix page, separate from the rest of Black Mirror‘s page. It’s described as a Netflix film — the first for a Black Mirror project — and presumably will come in over the 75-minute mark that the Emmys now require to be considered as a TV movie. Stay tuned because this thing could drop in about a week.

The Walking Dead will pick up right where it left off in the midseason premiere. Also, here’s your first look at Alpha.

This is a reminder that Catch-22 is coming to Hulu next year.

This is a reminder that Killing Eve will have a second season.

And this is a reminder that this will be the last season of the best comedy, Veep:

Even Jerry Stiller has no idea if the Costanzas were Italian or Jewish. (Honestly, as an Italian-American, I am not sure there is much of a difference.)

This Jeopardy contestant is cooler than all other Jeopardy contestants (aside from Sean Connery and Burt Reynolds, of course):

Netflix swears they didn’t go into your DMs:

Except according to The New York Times, Netflix sent them a statement saying that they totally, totally did:

Spokespeople for Spotify and Netflix said those companies were unaware of the broad powers Facebook had granted them. A spokesman for Netflix said Wednesday that it had used the access only to enable customers to recommend TV shows and movies to their friends.

“Beyond these recommendations, we never accessed anyone’s personal messages and would never do that,” he said.

But in Netflix’s defense, they are helping you lie to your kids this New Year’s Eve.

As for Facebook, MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt is donezo.

Tucker Carlson continues to shed advertisers.

Michelle Obama told Jimmy Fallon that while boarding Air Force One that one last time, her thought was “Bye, Felicia” and right-wingers are SO MAD saying that she’s classless. Yep! For sure! In fact, Michelle Obama could take an etiquette lesson or two from a woman who wears an “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” jacket to visit children kept in cages by our government.

President Twitterbrain had his feelings hurt by that mean ol’ Ann Coulter who keeps shrieking at him about how he’s a big fat failure when it comes to the border wall, so he unfollowed her on Twitter. LOL LOL EVERYBODY WINS!



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