Watch Michelle Obama surprise elevator passengers and the rest of the best of late night

Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama surprised people in the 30 Rock elevators and it’s just delightful. 

In less delightful news: Stephen Colbert notes that CBS has the perfect sound effect for the news that Les Moonves will not be receiving his $120 million severance package. He also wonders what job a famous TV billionaire with sexual harassment allegations could possibly … oh wait.

James Corden on news that the Trump Foundation is being dissolved by court order: “To be clear, the Trump Foundation is different from the Trump administration, which, thanks to the Russia investigation, is also dissolving under court supervision.”

Jimmy Kimmel on the Trump Foundation: “Say what you will, they did a lot of fake work for some very made up people.”

Seth Meyers explains to Trump that he IS the wall, the wall was inside him all along:

Finally, The Daily Show has Donald Trump’s “best words” of 2018. He really can’t read, can he?:

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