Late Night compares the Trump Foundation to the Wall: both are scams, both are falling apart

Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look at Trump’s scams, including his Foundation and the Wall: “So, Trump used his charity to pay for lawsuits, which then prompted a lawsuit which ended his charity. At this point he’s going to have to start a new charity to start a lawsuit over the old charity. They can call it, I don’t know, March of Crimes.”

Jimmy Kimmel suggests that Trump make the wall out of the portraits of himself that his Foundation paid $10,000 for. Also, I kinda want a Mueller on a Cruller:

Stephen Colbert as Trump: “Seriously, I’ve given so much to Charity and she wasn’t even my favorite stripper.”

James Corden points out that Trump isn’t lying about his high poll numbers for once:

Stephen Colbert tackles Tucker Carlson tackling the REAL issues: Gingerbread People:

Seth Meyers reveals Rudy Giuliani’s explanation for why Trump appears to have signed that Trump Tower Moscow deal despite Giuliani saying otherwise: 

Finally, for your feel-good moment of the day, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee bought a house to serve immigration attorneys and the families of detainees. See? TV can do good:

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