While we wait for the inevitable indictments to come down (HURRY UP, BOB) I’m going to VanderYell at you about VanderPump for a while.

Lisa Vanderpump will appear in the “majority” of next season’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she won’t confirm if she’s going to return for next season. Apparently, she is on the outs with the entire cast — even Dorit, especially Dorit. Tabloid reports have been saying for months that Lisa is pissed that Dorit adopted and then abandoned one of Lisa’s rescue dogs, a story which the rest of the cast then accused Lisa of VanderLeaking to the press. According to other sources that were definitely P.K., Dorit and P.K. adopted a dog from Lisa’s shelter (which I am still furious is not called VanderPets) but the dog bit one of their spoiled children. Dorit gave the dog to a friend and the friend is the one who eventually dumped the dog at a shelter.

First of all, FIRST OF ALL, Dorit is a monster and always has been and if Lisa leaked this story to the press: GOOD. I’M GLAD SHE DID. If the dog didn’t work out with her family, Dorit should have returned the dog to VanderPets, not hand it off to another family who hadn’t been vetted. But second of all, Lisa is the VanderGlue of that show and the rest of the ladies NEED TO APOLOGIZE TO HER IMMEDIATELY. HOW DARE YOU SERFS QUESTION THE VANDERQUEEN. WHAT, YOU THINK TEDDI IS GOING TO KEEP THE SHOW GOING? PLEASE.

Lisa told TMZ in a completely staged bit that she’s not leaving the show … yet … and that people need to worry about other things. I swear to God, Lisa Rinna, if you force me to watch Vanderpump Rules to get my Lisa Vanderpump fix …

The court is going to rule on whether or not Jim Acosta can have his press pass back today. Meanwhile, even though the news division of Fox News is standing with CNN on this, Sean Hannity is still a fucko.

Speaking of cable news, have you noticed that we’re not hearing as much about that scary caravan on the news since last week’s election? Yeah, it’s not your imagination. Cable news got bored with it because President ADD got bored with it. And this is a great example of the nightmarish media catch-22 that we are all trapped in with this administration: the news has to report on whatever nonsense the president is spewing because he’s the president and he sets the agenda. Even though it was a bunch of ridiculous racist scare-mongering that had little connection to reality, his yelling about the caravan on all those rally stops and in all of those tweets had and continue to have a real impact on actual people’s lives. There are currently thousands of U.S. troops who are going to spend Thanksgiving on the border and away from their families DOING NOTHING because this asshole is the president. So you have to report it — even though we all know it is bullshit.

~screams into a pillow~

Fox has extended its deal with MLB for another decade.

There have been so many Parks and Recreation easter eggs in The Good Place and they are all amazing.

I saw this story on several different sites so I guess a lot of people are interested in the fact that a Daily Show producer is leaving after working on the show for 16 years.

Idris Elba’s daughter is going to be the Golden Globes Ambassador this year.

Love Twin Peaks? Got $2,000? Have I got a deal for you.

Here’s pretty much everything we know about the next season of The 100 which won’t return until sometime next spring.

Netflix is considering offering a cheaper mobile-only subscription plan.

Hey, remember when Netflix would mail you a DVD? So weird. Also, fun fact: Netflix is already 21 years old. YOU ARE SO OLD.

Mohamed Hadid, father of Bella and Gigi, ex-husband of Yolanda, frequent guest star on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is building a monstrosity in Bel-Air and people are SO PISSED.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge is going to bring Fleabag to New York for a one-month run. This serves as your periodic reminder that if you have not yet watched Fleabag, you need to get on that.

Comcast is launching two new channels: Cleo TV and Afro.

Who says TV isn’t educational?


Michael Avenatti has been arrested on domestic abuse charges. This is a weird and yet somehow not altogether shocking story that is still developing. Stormy Daniels released a statement saying that if the allegations prove true, she will drop him as her attorney. 

NBC won The Joan Shorenstein Barone Award — an award for excellent political journalism — for its work exposing sexual harassment on Capitol Hill. The irony of NBC News winning an award for reporting on sexual harassment is not lost on yours truly.

Nelly is being sued again, this time by a woman in England who claimed he sexually assaulted her.


  • Bosch will return for a sixth season on Amazon. It is the streaming service’s longest running series so far.


In Development

Casting News

Mark Your Calendars

  • Silicon Valley will probably not be returning until 2020. Production has been delayed until summer 2019 because the showrunner is also the showrunner on Barry which will film first.
  • The Other Two — the comedy from Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, the former head writers of Saturday Night Live — will debut on Comedy Central on January 24, and it looks delightful:
  • The Bachelor will be back to ruin my life on January 7 on ABC. Look at this dummy.
  • Reminder: Steve Carell will host Saturday Night Live this week.
  • F is for Family will return on Netflix on November 30.
  • Frontier season three premieres on Netflix on November 23.
  • Out of Many, One will debut on Netflix on December 12.
  • The Protector will debut on Netflix on December 14.


Katherine MacGregor, Actress best known for her role on Little House on the Prarie


Supernatural: Jack and Dean team up for a hunt. 7 p.m., The CW

Legacies: Alaric and Sheriff Donovan are at odds. 8 p.m., The CW

How to Get Away with Murder: In the fall season finale we finally learn who died and it BETTER not be Oliver. 9 p.m., ABC

May the Devil Take You: Sisters try to determine what has made their father sick in this Indonesian horror film and my guess is lack of basic hygiene. Netflix

Late Night: Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Steve Carell, Eric Bana, Troye Sivan Late Night with Seth Meyers: Martin Short, Brian Tyree Henry, Amir Obe, Caitlin Kalafus The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Ben Stiller, Jemele Hill, Jorja Smith The Late Late Show with James Corden: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano, Diego Luna, Dylan Reynolds Jimmy Kimmel Live: Lin-Manuel Miranda The Daily Show: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Tessa Thompson Watch What Happens Live: Shania Twain, Patricia Arquette

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How to Get Away with Murder
CBS The Big Bang Theory
Young Sheldon
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FOX Thursday Night Football: Packers at Seahawks
NBC Superstore
The Good Place
Will & Grace
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