Being right has never felt so wrong.

I don’t want to talk about the bombs. I really don’t. Yesterday I was all wound up with outrage at our President about something that he said at the rally here in Houston on Monday, but then the bomb story happened and felt I had to set aside that particular rant until today. But I still can’t really get around to the story I want to tell because this bomb story is becoming worse and worse by the goddamned minute and our “leader” is the one making it so.

Alright, so the facts: after I posted yesterday, we learned the bomb sent to CNN was addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan. A second bomb was sent to Maxine Waters, two bombs were sent to Joe Biden and one bomb was sent to Robert DeNiro. Andrew Cuomo did not receive a bomb, as I had written, it was just a suspicious package that turned out to be a piece of literature or something.

Yesterday at the White House, the president said: “In these times we have to unify, we have to come together and send one very clear, strong, unmistakable message that acts or threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the United States of America.” Good! Yes! Correct! FINALLY.

But then President Instigator went to a rally in Wisconsin, where he said the following:

Any acts or threats of political violence are an attack on our democracy itself. No nation can succeed that tolerates violence or the threat of violence as a method of political intimidation, coercion or control. We all know that such conduct must be fiercely opposed and firmly prosecuted. We want all sides to come together in peace and harmony. We can do it. We can do it, we can do it. It will happen.

More broadly, there’s much we can do to bring our nation together. For example, those engaged in the political arena must stop treating political opponents as being morally defective. After doing that, The language of moral condemnation and destructive routine — These are arguments and disagreements that have to stop. No one should carelessly compare political opponents to historical villains, which is done often done all the time Got to stop.

We should not mob people in public spaces or destroy public property. There is one way to settle our disagreements. It’s called peacefully at the ballot box. That’s what we want. As part of a larger national effort to bridge the divides and bring people together, the media also has a responsibility to set a civil tone and to stop the endless hostility and constant negative and oftentimes false attacks and stories have to do it. They’ve got to stop. Bring people together.

Oh, and ask me if the crowd was chanting “LOCK HER UP!” about a woman who had just received a bomb at her house. Go ahead. ASK ME.

He then doubled down on this disgusting and dangerous attack on the media with this tweet this morning:

Look, I knew President Narcissistic Personality Disorder would never accept any responsibility for encouraging or inciting violence, but the audacity to blame the victim of the violence is astounding. I often think I can no longer be surprised by this man and then he goes and pulls some bullshit like this and I’m surprised all over again. HOW HARD IS IT TO STICK TO THE SCRIPT? HOW HARD IS IT TO JUST SAY, “HEY! DON’T BOMB ANYONE! EVEN MY ENEMIES! BE NICE!” HOW. HARD. IS. IT. TO. DO. THAT?

And then there are the defenders. President Grifter’s daughter-in-law sent out a campaign fundraising email two hours after CNN had to be evacuated that read in part, “It’s time for us to give the media another wake-up call from the American people,” and contained a media accountability survey.

Newt Gingrich said that “the mainstream media often earns it.” Ted Cruz attacked Maxine Waters.

And of course, Fox News was already bashing the recipients of the bombs last night, Rush Limbaugh claimed Republicans “just don’t do this kind of thing” despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, and the alt-right continues to push the idea that these were obvious false flag operations.

Just think about the cognitive dissonance that one must muster to be able to hold simultaneously that chanting, “LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP!” about a political opponent is acceptable and that Republicans just aren’t capable of violence.

Let’s go over the list of people and entities that received bombs this week:

Maxine Waters:

George Soros:

Joe Biden:

Robert De Niro:

John Brennan:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz:

President Obama:

Hillary Clinton:

Hillary Clinton (retweeted by Trump):

CNN (retweeted by Trump):

After this hole of a human being was elected president, friends and family reached out to my husband alarmed by some of my social media posts and my ranting here on this blog, wondering if I was alright. And I think my lovely husband told me about this because he was worried about me and my emotional well-being, too. The thing is, I wasn’t alright. I wasn’t alright on November 9, 2016, or on January 20, 2017, and I am not alright today. I have been setting my hair on fire for two years now about this man’s language, his rhetoric, his calls to violence, and his hatred of the free press for just this very reason — because it is going to get someone hurt. Trump won’t be president forever (God willing), but the hate that he pours into our country, that he inflames in his followers’ hearts, that is a stain that is going to take a long time for our great nation to clean.

In other TV news

Sooooo … what is going on with Megyn Kelly today, I can hear you wondering. Well, despite the media’s attention being mostly fixed on the bombing story, things have not improved for Ms. Kelly. After she expressed bewilderment over blackface being considered racist, the cast of House of Cards and its showrunner canceled their upcoming appearances on her show.

NBC News chief Andy Lack condemned her comments in a town hall with the staff.

And then her agents dropped her.

And her show is in reruns for the rest of the week …

ANNNNNNNNNND … in the time I wrote this post, The Daily Mail is reporting that she is officially fired at NBC, and they are fighting over whether or not they are going to pay out her full $69 million contract. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL OK. AND WHATEVER. SMELL YA LATER, MEGYN.

Modern Family killed the “significant character” last night … and, yeah, it wasn’t a significant character at all. Spoilers, obviously.

Who y’all thought it would be:

For the first time (!!!) Nielsen will track and report how same-sex couples watch TV. How is this only happening now?

And interestingly, for the first time, LGBTQ characters of color were more represented on TV than white ones.

We have a logline for the upcoming Veronica Mars reboot:

Spring breakers are getting murdered in Neptune, thereby decimating the seaside town’s lifeblood tourist industry. After Mars Investigations is hired by the parents of one of the victims to find their son’s killer, Veronica is drawn into an epic eight-episode mystery that pits the enclave’s wealthy elites, who would rather put an end to the month-long bacchanalia, against a working class that relies on the cash influx that comes with being the West Coast’s answer to Daytona Beach.

This is a well-written piece about The Conners, Murphy Brown and our country’s political polarization.

Tom Arnold’s battery claim against Mark Burnett will not be moving forward.

This is interesting: 8 of the top 10 highest paid actors in TV come from only 2 shows. Can you guess which 2?

Kanye apparently tweeted some fan art that compared his relationship to Rick & Morty, and … maybe it’s the most accurate and honest thing he’s ever expressed?

Speaking of, here’s a video that shows how to draw Rick & Morty accurately. Sadly there is no video showing how to draw Kanye and Kim in the style of Rick & Morty.

God bless David Schwimmer.

A Party Down South star has been arrested for punching her mother-in-law which sounds accurate.



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