Late Night speculates on who the new serial bomber is …

In light of bombs being sent to prominent Democrats, Seth Meyers points out the hypocrisy of the right’s obsession with so-called left-wing mobs and incivility in “A Closer Look”:

Stephen Colbert releases the sketch of the suspected serial bomber:

James Corden has Trump’s eloquent response to the bombings:

Samantha Bee wishes the right cold talk about Democrats like people, and points out the GOP’s lazy scaremongering about the caravan:

Seth Meyers knows who Trump is going to investigate for sending bombs to the Obamas, Clintons, and CNN. (If you guessed the Obamas, Clintons, and CNN, you’re correct!)

Jimmy Fallon notes that in the wake of the bomb scare, Trump evacuated himself to a golf course:

Jimmy Kimmel is convinced the Space Force is just a prank Trump is playing on Pence:

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