A former ‘Game of Thrones’ actress knows how it all ends …

Natalie Dormer knows how Game of Thrones ends … but is curious about how the show arrives there, which is an … interesting thing to say.

“I’m really excited to see the next season. I’m on the edge of my seat like everybody else is, so I can’t wait. I know A to B,” Dormer said. “I know what B is, but I don’t know how they get to B.”

So, it sounds like the ending is going to be surprising. START SPECULATING.

Also related to Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner tells us what we already know, that in Season 8, Sansa is large and in charge:

“She’s a real, true leader of Winterfell now. And that’s where we first see her – as a very protective, empowered lady in charge. It’s the first time you ever see her like that, and it’s so amazing to see her like that – kind of owning her destiny.”

I’m going to need more spoilers than that, Sophie.

Matt Groening just isn’t getting it. Asked by The New York Times to clarify his comment regarding Apu that “People love to pretend they’re offended,” The Simpsons creator had this to say:

“That wasn’t specifically about Apu. That was about our culture in general. And that’s something I’ve noticed for the last 25 years. There is the outrage of the week and it comes and goes. For a while, it was, believe it or not, kids were stealing quarters out of their mothers’ purses in order to go to the video arcade, and that was going to bring down civilization. No one even remembers that, because that lasted a week. I think particularly right now, people feel so aggrieved and crazed and powerless that they’re picking the wrong battles.”

Yep! People being offended at a white guy doing an Indian voice and having genuine concerns about representation in popular culture is exactly the same as people being hysterical about video arcades. Legitimate question: Why is empathy so difficult for some people, particularly people of a certain age, particularly people of a certain age and race, particularly people of a certain age, race, and gender? Unexamined privilege is a hell of a drug.

The Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad timelines are going to begin to align in the upcoming season.

Philip Van Cleave, the gun rights activist that thoroughly humiliated himself in Who is America?, explains that he basically went deep undercover to protect the guns rights movement. LOL OK.

The Canadians are VERY ANGRY at Sons of Anarchy.

TVLine has made a handy gallery showing how many episodes of returning series the networks have ordered.

Walmart is coming for you, Netflix. (Yeah, good luck with that.)

A Jeopardy contestant is being given a second chance after the show done goofed.

Here are some pictures of Michael Pena and Diego Luna in the upcoming season of Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico if you are interested and if you are my sister, you’re probably definitely interested.

And here is Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret in The Crown, being all Margarety.

Congratulations, Desiree and Chris!

Sex Monster News

Alice Wetterlund has some things to say about T.J. Miller and the men of Silicon Valley who enabled his shitty behavior:

Netflix has terminated its contract with The Weinstein Company.

The gaming industry is taking a harder look at harassment policies and social media after one gaming company fired a female designer and the man who defended her after she spoke out on twitter about being harassed. (The company claims that they planned to fire her before the twitter backlash. OK.)

Not sure if you are flirting or committing sexual assault? Pajiba has a handy explainer for you!

In Development

Casting News

Mark Your Calendars

  • I Am Paul Walker will premiere on Paramount Network on August 11.
  • Project Blue Book will debut on History sometime this winter. It looks like great fun:
  • 9-1-1 returns on Fox on September 23.
  • The Cool Kids will premiere on Fox on September 28.
  • Mayans MC will premiere on FX on September 4.


Ron Satlof, Director of many TV shows, including the classic Hawaii Five-0 and Quincy Jones.


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