Late Night doesn’t not think Trump is an idiot

Seth Meyers marvels at Trump’s double negative:

“Who among us hasn’t said the exact opposite of what he just said in front of cameras on multiple occasions? I’m sorry, let me clarify — that sentence should be, ‘Who among us has not not done that?’” — Stephen Colbert

Jimmy Kimmel straight-up called Trump a liar — “and not even a good one.” TRUTH.

Jimmy Fallon points out that even electricity is distancing itself from Trump:

Trevor Noah believes Trump’s would/wouldn’t bullshit … wait, let him check his notes:

Amber has A LOT of Whats for you:

Colbert also introduces us to Russian gun spy, Maria Butina:

Kimmel also has the actual footage of Fox News attacking Obama for being too soft on Putin. Amazing times we are living in:

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