Seacrest out … as an alleged sex monster.

Ryan Seacrest’s accuser has come forward with her full story, and it’s REALLY NOT GREAT. According to accuser Suzi Hardy who worked as his stylist for years at E!, Seacrest grabbed her vagina, rubbed his erect penis on her while only wearing underwear, pushed her head into his crotch, shoved her onto a bed, and slapped her ass so hard, he left a welt — that she photographed. When she finally went to E! human resources to complain, she was fired two weeks later.

E! had supposedly investigated the claims late last year/early this year when they first emerged and said there was nothing to them. And Seacrest’s response was to claim she was demanding $15 million in extortion money.

But in the Variety piece linked above, she has evidence and witnesses and it’s really, really bad. Unsurprisingly, he didn’t say anything about it on this morning’s Live with Kelly and Ryan. It will be interesting to see ABC’s response, especially as American Idol is set to return in two weeks.

Bellamy Young from Scandal thinks Seacrest shouldn’t be anywhere near the Academy Awards this weekend. She is only the first celebrity to respond, but I bet this story gets bigger head of this weekend’s red carpet.

Monica Lewinsky has a lot to say 20 years later.

Jennifer Lawrence and Cat Sadler are working on a #MeToo documentary together. Speaking of Jennifer Lawrence, she called Harvey Weinstein an “ass boil” last night, and told 60 Minutes she wanted to “kill him” when she heard the allegations.

The Weinstein Company is filing for bankruptcy, by the way, which means that there’s a chance Weinstein’s accusers will never get paid by the studio.

Jeffrey Tambor’s accuser has spoken out, saying that he has done this to himself.

Jamie Luner has been accused of sexual misconduct with an underage kid.

Avid Technology CEO Louis Hernandez, Jr. has been fired after “allegations of improper non-financially related workplace behavior.” OK.

This is a long, interesting piece about how the #MeToo movement hasn’t cracked Wall Street and why.

The Kevin Spacey Foundation is closing — but, wait, it was still open?

In Non-Sex Monster TV News

Prepare your DVRs: The Bachelor finale is going to be FOUR HOURS LONG and spread out over two nights. LORD, BOX WINE ME STRENGTH.

Don’t get too excited, but Jesse Pinkman could appear on Better Call Saul. Make it happen, Vince!

Sheldon and Amy will probably get married on The Big Bang Theory this season.

That Bachelor in Paradise moment in UnREAL was written before that Bachelor in Paradise moment happened on Bachelor in Paradise.

Every story about Chevy Chase makes him sound like SUCH AN ASSHOLE.

Jimmy Fallon is going to march with the Parkland students in the March For Our Lives.

Oh, God, that dummy Stacey Dash is going to run for Congress.

CBS is launching a free sports streaming



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