Late night is pretty skeptical about Trump’s delusions of heroism

Stephen Colbert finds the thing most doubtful about Trump’s claim that he’d run into a school shooting is the idea that he can run.

Trevor Noah points out that when Trump ran for President, it was the first time he ever run in his life:

Seth Meyers thinks the worst thing about Trump being President is that we have to treat his insane and terrible ideas — like arming teachers to prevent school shootings, an idea which is insane and terrible — as if they are serious ideas.

Jimmy Fallon suggests that Kylie Jenner’s social media power be used to take down the NRA:

James Corden notes that Trump’s former bodyguard is almost well-trained enough in weaponry to be a schoolteacher:

The Opposition asks if teens should really be leading the gun violence debate:

And on a serious note, Jimmy Fallon pledges to march with the Parkland students next month:

It slowly dawns on Seth that this man is our President.

Unrelated to gun violence, John Oliver is running for Prime Minister of Italy, and honestly they could do much worse:

Late Night with Seth Meyers‘s Amber Ruffin’s Olympics recap is so much better than my two weeks worth of work, it makes me angry:

Finally, Stephanie Wittels Wachs, Houston author and sister of comedian and Parks and Recreation writer Harris Wittels has written a book about her late brother’s struggle with addiction:

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