Let’s speculate about how ‘The Good Place’ is going to end instead of talking about the State of the Union because that would just be a reminder that we are all trapped in The Bad Place

The Good Place’s second season finale will air tomorrow, leaving us without brilliant metaphysical comedy until sometime in the fall. Here are a bunch of theories about what will happen in the finale — because people are trying to get ahead of whatever the twist will be after we were all duped last season. After years of speculating about Lost, I, for one, am not even going to venture a guess, and just sit back and let Mike Schur entertain me.

This is a nice bit of critical writing that explains that the reason The Good Place works is that it is the anti-anti-hero series that does not rely on easy moralizing.

Speaking of, here are Mike Schur’s favorite actors — it’s basically a Who’s Who of the funniest comic actors in the business.

If you happen to be in Croatia, look for the Game of Thrones folks.

Peter Dinklage says the ending of Game of Thrones is “heartbreaking” but it’s unclear if he means the story or just the experience of being on the show. Also, his Doritos commercial where he lip-syncs Busta Rhymes is in here, if you’re interested.

OK, this is important: This Is Us is going to air after the Super Bowl. But if you don’t give a shit about football and choose not to watch the game, you shouldn’t just trust your DVR to record This Is Us. NBC has coded the episode to be 80 minutes long so it won’t cut off the beginning or the end of the 63-minute long episode, but they have some additional advice you should follow.

Brandi Glanville wants to return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills AND I THINK YOU SHOULD LET HER, ANDY COHEN.

Hey, Nashville fans: there is going to be one last Nashville concert, mark your calendars and buy your plane tickets.

Wow, Fox just locked up Thursday Night Football for five years, breaking the one-year-at-a-time deal they used to make.

Let’s Talk About Sex Monsters

Ahead of the debut of her show Citizen Rose, Harvey Weinstein released a pair of emails from Rose McGowan’s manager and Ben Affleck that he believes dispute her account that he raped her. He’s a disgusting monster. McGowan responded the way you thought she would:

According to her book, this is what happened to McGowan, and what happened immediately after.

Also, McGowan has no time for Justin Timberlake.

Hayley Atwell, meanwhile, has apologized to Dylan Farrow for working with Woody Allen. AHEM, JUSTIN.

So, Hillary Clinton. I’m late on this story, mostly because it didn’t bleed into my entertainment feeds until now, but she kept a staffer on her 2008 campaign after he was accused of sexual harassment. She says now that if she had to do it again, she wouldn’t, and that she tried to protect the victim, and it’s important to remember that this happened almost 10 years ago, but I’m not going to lie, this is disappointing as fuck.

Scott Baio went on Good Morning America to deny Nicole Eggert’s accusations against him and to do a little slut-shaming while he was at it because Scott Baio is an asshole.

Paramount fired director Dylan Brown from the film Amusement Park after multiple women accused him of inappropriate and unwanted contact. He denies the charges and is looking to take legal action.

Vice has fired Mike Germano, their chief digital officer after two women accused him of sexual misconduct.

One of the fathers of R. Kelly’s victims says that the singer would have been jailed if his victims were white — and he’s not wrong, although it is important to remember that Weinstein isn’t in jail yet, either.

Alright, men, sit down. We need to talk about “No.”

A group of British comedy writers has started their own production company to address the imbalance of “well-rounded female” characters on screen. Good for them.



In Development

The CW’s Pilot Orders:

  • Roswell reboot
  • Spencer, a high school football player drama based on the life of professional football player Spencer Paysinger
  • In the Dark, a mystery drama about a blind woman
  • Skinny Dip, based on the Carl Hiaasen novel
  • Playing Dead, a dysfunctional family dramedy about a mortician
  • The End of the World as We Know it, a sci-fi drama

Casting News

Mark Your Calendars


Mark Salling, Actor from Glee. Some of his cast members expressed their sorrow for a broken man.

Cyrus Yavneh, Producer on Supernatural, 24 among others

Ezra N. Swerdlow, Producer

Jeff Hunter, Agent


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