Let’s speculate about ‘Game of Thrones’ rather than think about the fact that Donald Trump — DONALD TRUMP — is going to be delivering the State of the Union tonight and ohmygod when will we wake up from this never-ending nightmare

Kristofer Hivju, Joe Dempsie, Iain Glen, Gwendoline Christie and John Bradley are all in Iceland. Emilia Clark and Kit Harington were spotted there earlier this week.

Some thoughts: first of all, Tormund lives! Also, too, will he be reunited with Brienne? BROMUND IS HAPPENING. The only thing that is confusing about this story is that Iceland usually stands in for North of the Wall, so is Samwell headed beyond the wall with Jon et al, or is Iceland going to fill in for other places now that Winter is here? LOL, actually, none of this actually matters because Donald Trump is the President of the United States and is currently tearing apart the Department of Justice to protect himself and his mobbed-up family because he’s so terrified of being found out for conspiring with a foreign government to illegally interfere with our election and money laundering a bunch of ill-gotten Russian cash and it’s not improbable that this monster might go so far as to start a war to distract us all from his criminal activity, so we probably won’t even be alive for the final season of Game of Thrones and all of this is meaningless.

Maisie Williams claims that the interview where she said Game of Thrones would return in April 2019 is from years ago, so please disregard. Which makes sense. (It also makes sense that Game of Thrones would return in April, so.)

Tom Hanks is your new Mister Rogers and this is perfect.

Randall will live through this season on This is Us. But watch your back, Kevin.

Roseanne is coming back soon: here’s what the Conners have been up to in the past 20 years.

Leslie Jones is headed back to the Olympics, which reminds me: next week the Olympics begin. Pray for me and Bobby.

The couple that Will Ferrell and Kate McKinnon spoofed on Saturday Night Live watch themselves being spoofed, are still adorable.

Once the Hunger Games really happens, one district will be entirely populated by former reality TV stars and their families.

The Washington Post reached out to The New York Times for a comment about a segment that Fox & Friends did on them and The New York Times had a sassy response. Things are weird now.

Michelle Obama is giving her first post-White House interview to Ellen, so get your dancing shoes out.

ABC News has hired Chris Christie as a contributor, oh brother.

Time’s Up Mofos

Charlie Walk, one of the judges on The Four, has been accused of sexual harassment. Here’s what’s “fun”: the grand prize of The Four is a recording contract with his studio, and this is the last week of filming. Fox is in a tight spot here.

This take on The Wonder Years story is pretty much aligned with my feelings when I read about this yesterday: that it is entirely plausible that a 16-year-old (Fred Savage) might have a crush on a woman he worked with and act out on it in inappropriate ways and that a 20-year-old (Jason Hervey) might have been a gross jerk who made working with him humiliating and impossible. And also, too, if this were a meritless lawsuit, why did ABC pay off the accuser and then cancel the show?

Speaking of, Jason Hervey is best friends with Scott Baio, and we know how that’s going.

Rose McGowan also gave an interview today on The View and did not hold back.

Christopher J. Dionne of FYI’s upcoming (and now canceled) series, House Rescue, has been arrested for sexual assault on a minor.

Dayan Candappa, who had been fired as a Reuters for sexual misconduct was hired by Newsweek. And now he’s been put on leave there, but only after Buzzfeed wrote a piece about it.

Andrea Tantaros is now claiming that women were secretly filmed changing clothes at Fox News.

Pink had some thoughts about Neil Portnow’s comments that female performers needed to “step up” their performances:

And now he’s trying to say that he meant something completely the opposite of what he actually said. SURE, DUDE. Christ, what an asshole.

Come on, Diane Keaton. Right, Judd Apatow?

Although, honestly, it’s probably over for Woody Allen, maybe in small part because no one wants to see movies about young girls improbably falling for middle-aged men anymore. Maybe a movie about a 45-year-old Jude Law falling in love with a 15-year-old “concubine” played by 19-year-old Dakota Fanning isn’t exactly what the world needs or wants right now.



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  • An untitled FBI drama from the Empire showrunner.
  • Daddy Issues, a comedy about a young 30-something whose father falls in love with her best friend.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live!: Two words: Stormy Daniels. 10:30 p.m., ABC

Citizen Rose: A look at Rose McGowan and her campaign to take down Harvey Weinstein. BURN IT ALL DOWN, GIRL. Series premiere. 7 p.m., E!

Babylon Berlin: An epic crime drama set in Germany during the Weimar Republic. Seasons 1 & 2 available to stream. Netflix

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