Your reminder, if you needed one, that Sean Hannity is a glorious idiot.

Alright, so last night news broke that President Obstruction wanted to fire Robert Mueller back in June but when White House counsel Dan McGahn threatened to quit if he went through with it, President (Grab Them By the) Pussy backed down. While the Liar-in-Chief dismissed it as — what else — “fake news,” his lawyer issued a less definitive statement: “We decline to comment out of respect for the Office of the Special Counsel and its process.”


This is obviously another bit of evidence that this asshole is obstructing justice, and so it’s not surprising that Fox News doesn’t want anything to do with it. But you have to see how Sean Hannity handled the story because it is the funniest fucking thing you’ll see all day:


Hannity then tried to defend his decision to call Fake News on this not fake story with this tweet:

Ok, but some questions:

  1. But isn’t this your face?
  2. Are you saying that The New York Times made you pose like this?
  3. How did they do that?
  4. Why did you add the green?
  5. Why would you do that?
  6. No, seriously, I need to know: why would you make your face green?
  7. Is it Jolly Green Giant cosplay?
  8. Is this, as one tweeter theorized, a Shrek meme?
  9. Is everything OK, Sean?
  10. Are you having a breakdown or is this more like a stroke situation?

As for how the State Media handled the story this morning, it went exactly the way you think it would: “Fake news but also you don’t care.” 

Bless their hearts.

In other news, Stormy Daniels will make her late night debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on January 30 — the same night as the State of the Union.

And do not come for April Ryan because you are not ready.

Jemele Hill is leaving ESPN after all. According to the network, it was her choice and she was not fired.

Viola Davis is the fucking best.

Laurie Metcalf revealed that while Roseanne will be a Trump supporter on the reboot of Roseanne, the show itself will not have a pro- or anti-Trump message.

Charmed is the latest reboot (see below), but not everyone is happy about it:

Speaking of reboots, TV by the Numbers breaks down the chances for other reboots. (But I think those chances for A Different World are waaaaay too optimistic.)

The Walking Dead has released key art and a synopsis of where we will be when the series returns on February 25. Meanwhile, some fans are trying to convince themselves that there is a chance Carl might survive. Oh, babies, no.

Here’s an argument for ending Suits. It’s an interesting question because USA seems to be at a crossroads itself, trying to become more of a prestige network. It had success with The Sinner, but their more recent foray into serious drama, Damnation, was just canceled (see below). They may need to keep the reasonably successful Suits around for a season or two longer until they can figure out who they want to be moving forward.

This is a long piece on my upcoming nightmare, Bachelor Winter Games, and the challenge of having international contestants. SEND BOX WINE.

Sex Creep News

Casey Affleck got the message and withdrew from the Oscars where he was set to present Best Actress.

Anne Heche “Me toos,” about Harvey Weinstein, and says he fired her from a film. Also, another of Weinstein’s former assistants is suing him, saying that he dictated emails while naked and made her clean his disgusting couch among other horrors.

The NFL Network denies wrongdoing in a sexual harassment lawsuit.

The Broadway production of Bullets over Broadway has been canceled amid the resurgence of the Dylan Farrow allegations.

Fox Business Network is not going to air an episode of Strange Inheritance featuring David Copperfield.

Ryan Lizza is back on CNN after an investigation into allegations against him did not find reason to keep him off the air.

Google needs to get its shit together.



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Joel Freeman, Producer

Louie Nicolas Elias Jr., Stuntman



One Day at a Time: Season two of the delightful family sitcom. Netflix

Britannia: Yeah, but what if Game of Thrones were like, kinda shittier and featured more raves? Season premiere. Amazon

Jane the Virgin: Yay, it’s back! Finally! 8 p.m., The CW


Conan: Conan goes to Haiti because if Trump doesn’t like it, the people must be lovely. 9 p.m., TBS

Saturday Night Live: Will Ferrell & Chris Stapleton. 10:30 p.m., NBC


60th Annual Grammy Awards: Musicians give each other prizes. 6:30 p.m., CBS

Shameless: Carl wants to return to school in the season finale. 8 p.m., Showtime

Late Night: Watch What Happens Live (Sunday): Kandi Burruss, Bevy Smith


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