Trailer Park: ‘Marvel’s Runaways,’ ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan,’ ‘Dark,’ ‘Unsolved: Tupac and Biggie,’ and ‘Stranger Things’

Here’s your next superhero series, Marvel’s Runaways. To be fair, all teenagers think their parents are supervillains.

Marvel’s Runaways debuts on Hulu on November 21.

Dark is a German thriller that looks SUPER CREEPY.

Dark debuts on Netflix on December 1.

I dunno, I’m having a hard time accepting Jim from The Office as Jack Ryan. Still, this is from Carlton Cuse, so it will be a well-made show, if not particularly surprising or novel.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan debuts on Amazon in 2018.

Tupac and Biggie’s murders get the true crime treatment in this new miniseries.

Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and Biggie debuts on USA in 2018.

Bet you didn’t realize 1984 was so mysterious.

Stranger Things returns on Netflix on October 26.

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