Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon have the results of Trump’s IQ test and the rest of the best of late night

Donald, some advice, you dum-dum, you really should try to quit making everyone’s job so damned easy for them. Your “joke” about comparing your IQ to Tillerson’s was just a beautiful gift wrapped up with a pretty bow that you hand-delivered to Late Night.

Por ejemplo:

Stephen Colbert has the results of Trump’s IQ test.

James Corden points out that when a grown man challenges another grown man to an IQ test, we don’t really need to see the results.

Jimmy Kimmel would pay cash money to watch Trump and Tillerson take IQ tests. After all, Trump is in his own words, “The Sooper Genius of All Time”:

Jimmy Fallon also has the results of the IQ tests:

Amber Ruffins has some thoughts on Mike Ditka’s dumbass comments about NFL players and they are good thoughts.

Eminem is not the only one dedicating a performance to Trump: here’s Frank Sinatra’s ghost singing a song for the Asshole-in-Chief

Miley Cyrus is the most recent celebrity to do Carpool Karaoke where she plays a round of High or Not High with James Corden. (The answers are mostly “definitely high.”)

Hey, nerds, Stephen Colbert breaks down the new Star Wars trailer for you right here:

Stephen Colbert also explored the dangers of AI in this in-depth segment:

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