Trailer Park: ‘You’re the Worst,’ ‘The Punisher,’ ‘The Opposition with Jordan Klepper,’ ‘Mr. Robot,’ and ‘Strong Island’

In the new trailer for You’re the Worst, the effects of Shitty Jimmy’s shitty behavior are revealed.

You’re the Worst returns on FXX on September 6.

I understand that The Punisher is a big deal amongst those of you who love these Netflix Marvel series. OK. 

The Punisher will premiere on Netflix sometime later this year. They’re being deliberately obtuse about specifics. 

The Opposition with Jordan Klepper announces that China isn’t real. 

The Opposition with Jordan Klepper will debut on Comedy Central on September 25. 

Larry is the hero of our times. 

Curb Your Enthusiasm will return on HBO on October 1.

Mr. Robot is super mister roboty in this short clip. 

Mr. Robot returns on USA on October 11.

A man investigates his brother’s murder in Strong Island, a new Netflix documentary. 

Strong Island will begin streaming on Netflix on September.


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