President Alternative Facts is attacking the very concept of truth again, guys

As noted yesterday, CNN retracted a story they had posted on that suggested that Congress was investigating a Russian investment fund that supposedly had ties to some Trump associates and officials. One of the people named, Anthony Scaramucci, disputed the story and when CNN looked into it, they discovered that standard editorial practices, including running the story past legal and fact-checking departments, had not happened. However, in a meeting, “investigative unit members were told that the retraction did not mean the facts of the story were necessarily wrong.” Nevertheless, three journalists who worked on the piece resigned: “Thomas Frank, who wrote the report; Eric Lichtblau, an editor in CNN’s new investigative unit under which it was reported; and Lex Haris, who oversaw the unit.”

Our president handled this story by praising CNN for upholding its journalistic standards and ensuring their integrity.


CNN didn’t take that second tweet lying down, so who’s the FAKE NEWS now, President Liar?

NBC News focused on the hypocrisy of President Alternative Facts calling news outlets lairs:

Look at those tweets again: in the first one, Trump asks about all of CNN’s “other phony” stories; in the second, suggests that all of CNN’s stories on the Russia situation are phony; and in the third, he taints other news organizations with CNN’s error. What is happening here is terrifying: Trump is trying to use this one mistake — a mistake that CNN quickly rectified, a mistake that people lost their jobs over, and a mistake that was about process, not necessarily content — to cast doubt on the veracity of anything that comes out of CNN and other media outlets he disagrees with. He is determined to destroy the concept of truth itself.

The New York Times television critic, James Poniewozik, nails it:

From a Time Magazine piece that was published in March but will remain relevant until this man is out of office:

Although they [the Trump Administration] occupy the positions they do thanks to an election, there is little reason to believe that they support the American constitutional system as it stands, and much to remind us of authoritarian regimes changes of the recent past. A basic weapon of regime changers, as fascists realized nearly a century ago, is to destroy the concept of truth. Democracy requires the rule of law, the rule of law depends upon trust, and trust depends upon citizens’ acceptance of factuality. The president and his aides actively seek to destroy Americans’ sense of reality. Not only does the White House spread “alternative facts,” but Kellyanne Conway openly proclaims this as right and good. Post-factuality is pre-fascism.

The function of the press, as the Founding Fathers understood, was to generate the common knowledge on which citizens could understand and debate policy, and to prevent rulers from behaving tyrannically. Whether from the far right or the far left, the regime changers of the twentieth century understood that the media had to be bullied and deprived of importance. When Steve Bannon refers to the press as the “opposition,” or Mr. Trump calls journalists “enemies,” they are expressing their support for the demolition of the historical, ethical, and intellectual bases of the political life we take for granted. Indeed, when Mr. Trump calls journalists “enemies of the people,” he is quoting Joseph Stalin.

There are so many things to keep track of in our politics today thanks to this disaster of an administration and our current shitshow of a Congress, I know it’s exhausting. But we have to stare down all of these endless attempts to dismantle the fourth estate and to destroy the very idea of truth and facts. Our increasingly fragile democracy depends upon it.

In other TV news

Bachelor in Paradise exile DeMario Jackson is talking about what happened to get him kicked off the show, and he gets specific. And he might not be done with the show yet.

In response to all the DeMario/Corinne craziness, Bachelor in Paradise is now instituting a 2 drink per hour rule because dummies can’t handle their booze.

Alec Baldwin will be returning to Saturday Night Live to torment Donald Trump for another season, despite making noises to the contrary.

Lady Gaga will not be returning to American Horror Story this season, despite other people making noises to the contrary.

Meanwhile, Ryan Murphy is still posting enigmatic Instagrams about the season.

The X-Files season 11 writers have been revealed and most importantly, Darin Morgan, the guy who wrote “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster” will be returning.

I assume you’ve watched GLOW by now. Here’s a handy guide as to where you’ve seen that actor before. (And if you haven’t watched it yet, WHY NOT? It’s the best.)

Vulture did the hard work of watching the first season of The Bachelorette to compare how much it has changed over the past 13 seasons, so the least you can do is read their findings.

Damon Lindelof filled Instagram with promises of removing Justin Theroux’s sweatpants if the Emmy voters would nominate the show and yesterday was the last day of voting so we can’t influence anyone here by repeating this plea, let’s just all hope Lindelof was successful:

Piers Morgan: still The Worst.

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