Hey, that fuckwit Donald Trump is threatening the First Amendment again.

So the past 24 or so hours have been busy!

Setting aside telling Iran that they have been “put on notice,” threatening to invade Mexico, learning that he rudely hung up on the Australian PM, learning that he totally fucked up the raid in Yemen that left one Navy SEAL dead and killed many women and children including one American girl, and that he might just think that Frederick Douglass is still alive … setting all of that aside, Donald Trump just threatened the First Amendment while evoking the First Amendment:



So what had happened was, this disgusting frog of a man Milo Yiannopoulos was invited to speak at Berkeley by the campus Republicans and people protested. Which is their Constitutionally protected right. Some fucking anarchists showed up and pushed over a generator which started a fire. They also broke some windows because fucking anarchists are gonna be fucking anarchists. (By the way, now is a good time to point out this very good Cracked piece on how the powerful make you hate protesters. And if you think this is just some liberal bullshit, I promise you he takes swipes at both sides.) And in the wake of the violence, U.C. Berkeley cancelled Yiannopoulos’ speech. You know, because of the escalating violence.

But let us be REALLY FUCKING CLEAR: U.C. Berkeley isn’t suppressing free speech, and they weren’t practicing violence. The only person practicing violence here are the anarchists and Donald Trump against the Constitution when he openly threatens organizations he disagrees with. This is terrifying. I feel like I’ve been saying “this is terrifying” a lot in these posts, but that’s because it is true.

In other assaults on the First Amendment, at the National Prayer Breakfast, Trump vowed to “totally destroy” the Johnson Amendment which prohibits churches from engaging in political activity at the risk of losing their tax-exempt status. Church leaders — evangelicals in particular — feel that this is a freedom of speech issue, that they are being muzzled by this law. But what the Johnson Amendment does is to make sure our tax dollars aren’t subsidizing partisan politicking by religious organizations and makes sure that churches with their tax-exempt status don’t serve as a conduit for tax-free contributions to political candidates. It’s an agreement: You keep your religion out of the government, we’ll keep the government out of your religion. In the most basic terms, the Johnson Amendment serves as a bright line in the separation of church and state — which is exactly why evangelicals are desperate to erase it.

And that’s not even to get into the religious freedom Executive Order that has been leaked and which he might sign this week. I’m going to have to devote a whole other entry to that bullshit if it happens.

But then, just to add to the absurdity, the President of the United States also used the National Prayer Breakfast to attack Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ratings on Celebrity Apprentice and brag about his own performance. Every time I think I can not be more embarrassed by the man who is supposed to be our leader, he discovers a new way.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had the perfect comeback, though. Who knew I’d become such a big fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger? Also, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING IN THIS COUNTRY?

Oh, and if you want to remind yourself what a real President looks like at the National Prayer Breakfast, here’s Obama. You don’t have to watch the whole thing, just watch a couple of minutes to remind yourself that we had an adult as our President just two weeks ago. Man, he doesn’t mention reality television once.

Here, watch Samantha Bee scream about the Not-a-Muslim-Ban-Muslim-Ban.“I won’t mention that this refugee ban is immoral, embarrassing and inhuman. I’ll just point out that it is the act of a giant pussy.”:

And now, via Uproxx, this old Murphy Brown clip that feels … relevant.

Other TV News

Tamron Hall is leaving NBC and MSNBC because she knows when she’s not being appreciated. Stand strong, lady.

Oxygen is totally overhauling itself to become all crime, all the time.

Here are some mild Game of Thrones spoilers (basically, they are filming some dragon scenes, but it’s the speculation of which dragon scenes that is the interesting part). Sorry, Maisie!

Sports Betting Experts polled Game of Thrones fans on their predictions for the upcoming season, and things are not looking great for TheonReek.

Here’s why The Doctor needs to be a woman or a person of color. The times demand it, guys.

It’s sounding like the future of The Walking Dead will have less death — cue the fan bitching.

And it wasn’t just Lennie James who hated filming the first half of this season of The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus hated filming it, too. We’re with you, guys. It sucked.

The Walking Dead is not going to feature much death, but The 100 will. Brace yourselves for the “death wave.”

In casting news, Paper Boi is headed to How to Get Away With Murder which makes me irrationally happy.

Sounds like everyone is back for season nine of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Hey! Lifetime is going to broadcast National Women’s Soccer League games!

Think Sunny has been pushing some buttons this season? JUST WAIT.

Showtime is going to air Fire Walk With Me before the reboot of Twin Peaks begins and I still haven’t forgiven David Lynch for that piece of crap movie. Seriously, though.

NCIS: Los Angeles is going to honor Miguel Ferrer in an upcoming episode and that’s a nice thing.

HBO gave Lena Dunham pretty much a free hand on Girls, but even this was a bridge too far for them (and honestly, I don’t blame them for saying no)

Pilot News

ABC ordered a pilot for La Reinas, a crime drama about a cop who is forced to reconnect with her family who runs the biggest criminal enterprise in Miami. It’s from the guy who gave us Designated Survivor.

ABC also ordered a couple of comedies: Splitting Up Together, a divorce comedy from the creator of Suburgatory and Charlie Foxtrot, a military family comedy from one of the producers of American Housewife.

CBS ordered a pilot for Real Life, a romantic comedy from the creator of Bad Teacher and the producers of How I Met Your Mother.

Amazon has ordered an alternative universe pilot from the creator of The Boondocks.

Also In Development

Hulu is working on a bullying drama based on the book Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass and being produced by Gina Rodriguez.

Live P.D. will be getting more episodes on A&E even after a mother learns her son died while watching a broadcast. Funny how the Deadline story leaves that part out, choosing instead to describe the show as an awards contender.”


Supernatural: Castiel becomes a target of a woman whose family was killed by angels. 8 p.m., The CW

Powerless: NBC gets into the comic book genre with this new comedy set in the DC universe. Series premiere. 7:30 p.m., NBC

Superior Donuts: Oh look! It’s a new CBS comedy that’s not about a white guy! Series premiere. 7:30 p.m., CBS

Training Day: Like the movie, but 100% Denzel Washington-free. Series premiere. 9 p.m., CBS 

Late Night: Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Kristen Stewart, Dan Rather, Big Sean Late Night with Seth Meyers: Leslie Mann, Jeff Perry, Alex Guarnaschelli, Kenny Aronoff The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Dr. Phil McGraw, Michael Bolton, Maren Morris The Late Late Show with James Corden: Mindy Kaling, Bill Paxton Jimmy Kimmel Live: Charlie Weber, BJ The Chicago Kid Conan: Ken Jeong, Colin Hanks, K. Flay The Daily Show: Blair Underwood Watch What Happens Live: Christina Ricci, Andrew Rannells

THURS 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30
ABC Grey’s Anatomy
How to Get Away With Murder
CBS The Big Bang Theory
Superior Donuts
Life in Pieces
Training Day
CW Supernatural
FOX Hell’s Kitchen
My Kitchen Rules
NBC Superstore
Chicago Med
The Blacklist

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