‘Manifest’: Expiration dates

“Estimated Time of Departure”
February 18, 2019

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‘Manifest’: Major Nonsense

January 7, 2019

TL;DR version: The rescued passengers are holed up at a fancy beach house where Michaela picks up a calling from one of them urging her to “FIND HER.” She thinks it’s about the wife of one of the passengers, but the passenger in question turns out to be an abusive asshole. Meanwhile, Ben meets a podcaster obsessed with 828 and who confirms there is a “Major” behind all of this — whatever this is — who is looking for the “Holy Grail.” They somehow decide that the Major is a woman; the Holy Grail is Pre-Pubescent Son; and the Major is in New York looking for them. Also, Michaela and Ex-Boyfriend make the sex.

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