BREAKING: Here are the best news bloopers of 2022



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Here’s A BUNCH OF TV News

Here’s a compilation of the best news bloopers of the year. W-I-N-E-R!

If you watched the above collection, you’ll note there was a BBC clip with some weird camera work at the one-minute mark. It turns out, BBC has been using robot cameras for the past decade, and they’re showing their age.

The plan is to replace these robot cameras with new robot cameras, so sorry, cameramen, your jobs still aren’t coming back.

Well, this is wild: comedian and roast master Jeff Ross filmed a Comedy Central special in a Brazos Texas County jail back in 2015 — Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals: Live At Brazos County Jail. It was filmed in the detention center where many inmates were awaiting their trials, and according to one lawyer, the jail encouraged inmates to participate. Ross joked back and forth with one inmate, Gabriel Hall, who was being detained on murder charges. Later, during Hall’s trial, the state used the jokes to prove that he was remorseless for having committed capital murder, and the jury handed down a death sentence. His lawyers are now asking the Supreme Court to review the constitutionality of his sentence.

Love is Blind‘s Alexa and Brennon did not sign a prenup which is surprising, frankly. I would have expected her father to insist on one.

Good for Mel C.

A rant about the ever-shrinking remote control. This is all Steve Jobs’ fault.

GMA‘s T.J. Holmes has only now filed for divorce. How his wife hadn’t already served him with divorce papers remains a mystery.

Get better soon, Representative Jamie Raskin.

In Development

  • Stan Lee, a documentary about the icon’s life, is coming to Disney+ next year.


Pelé, Soccer great

Ruggero Deodato, Italian screenwriter and director known for Cannibal Holocaust


Popstar’s Best of 2022: Oh hey, it’s another 2022 wrap-up show. 7 p.m., The CW

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