You can now watch the worst episode of ‘Saturday Night Live,’ in 60 seconds.

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It looks like Warner Bros. Discovery is already killing CNN+ less than a month after its launch. The company has suspended all marketing for the streaming service and laid off CNN CFO Brad Ferrer. It sounds like it was a combination of bad timing and bad luck.

So, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is not a fan of HBO’s Winning Time: “If you gathered the biggest gossip-mongers from the Real Housewives franchise and they collected all the rumors they heard about each other from Twitter and then played Telephone with each other you’d have the stitched together Frankenstein’s monster that is this show,” he wrote. “I was shocked that for all the talent and budget, the result was so lacking in substance and humor.”

I’m very excited for Russian Doll, season two, which launches on Netflix tomorrow. The first season was such a wild, funny, weird delight, and the second season, according to this very insightful piece, sounds like it goes into some interesting directions involving time travel, generational trauma, and the Holocaust. Just don’t confuse Natasha Lyonne with Nadia:

Nadia is a full-fledged creation, not a pure reflection of Lyonne herself. In a recent WGA event at the SVA Theater, she went on a tangent about how the recurrence of that assumption. “It’s not like I went, ‘Put some fucking trace paper over my past, and there ya go, some fucking episodes!’ What are ya, nuts?” she said. “I do wonder if it’s because I’m a woman. Like, oh, but you must have gone through it, right cutie? Yeah, I guess I did, you’re right, officer. Fucking minimizing as shit!”

Netflix’s new Catherine Tate comedy, Hard Cell, is creating one of the biggest critic-to-audience disparity on Rotten Tomatoes I’ve ever seen:

Chris Licht, the new head of CNN has signed off Twitter ahead of starting his new job. Interesting.

Blac Chyna is suing the Kardashians over her canceled series, Rob & Chyna, and if you are interested in why any of this is happening, I’m happy to point you to this article.

Former MSNBC contributor Malcolm Nance decided to put his money where his mouth is and joined the International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine to fight against Russia.

It is taken as gospel among fans of Saturday Night Live that the Worst Host of All Time is one Steven Seagal when he hosted back in 1991. Bob Odenkirk (who was a writer at the time), Norm Macdonald, and Tim Meadows have all stated how awful Seagal was to work with, and the episode was such a mess that Lorne Michaels pulled it from rerun rotation. Podcaster Scott Gairdner made this handy 60-second video, compiling the worst moments from the episode, so you can experience the second-hand cringe for yourself.

I will add that the last sketch, in which Seagal is throwing Exxon executives around, was Seagal’s idea. According to Odenkirk: “He wrote a scene and it’s the last scene in the show and it’s like one of his movies but they tried to do it live. They got some stuntmen to come in. It’s insane. There’s this board of directors, a bunch of stuntmen in suits. As a viewer you’re like, ‘Who are these actors? They’re not in the cast.’ There’s some speech and then he enters the banquet room, it’s live, and he’s beating them up and throwing them around the room. It goes on for like eight minutes. It’s the longest scene you’ve ever seen. Then at the very end, he turns to camera and says, ‘This is what happens when you pollute the planet.’ The audience is mystified.”


Get better soon, John Berman!


Frank Langella has been fired from the cast of Netflix’s Fall of the House of Usher after an investigation concluded that he sexually harassed a co-star. The production will recast his role of Rodrick Usher, and have to reshoot all of his scenes.

Joseph Gatt, an actor who appeared on Game of Thrones, Star Trek, and many others, was arrested on a felony warrant for “contact with a minor for sexual offense.” Gatt denies the allegations.

Cuba Gooding, Jr. pled guilty to one count of forcible touching after three different women accused him of groping a few years ago.

Kaalan Walker, a rapper and actor who appeared in Superfly, was convicted of raping six people and sexually assaulting another.

CBS has settled a class-action lawsuit with shareholders for $14.5 million over how it handled the Les Moonves’s sexual assault allegations.

Molly Shannon opened up about the time early in her career when actor Gary Coleman sexually harassed and assaulted her when her agent left her alone with him in his hotel room. So creepy.

Millie Bobby Brown is lamenting how she’s been sexualized in the media since she turned 18.

Jesse Waters is a fucking creep.


  • Ultraman‘s third season will be it’s last on Netflix.

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  • Dark Winds premieres on AMC on June 12.
  • Angelyne premieres on Peacock on May 19.
  • Now & Then will debut on Apple TV+ on May 20.
  • Make or Break will return on Apple TV+ on April 29.
  • Love, Death, and Robots will return on Netflix on May 20.
  • Meltdown: Three Mile Island will premiere on Netflix on May 4.
  • Children Ruin Everything will debut on Roku on May 13.
  • Unfaithful: Caught in the Act will premiere on VH1 on May 16.
  • Corrective Measures will premiere on Tubi on April 29.
  • The 13th Doctor’s final Doctor Who adventure will air sometime on BBC America later this year.


Roderick “Pooh” Clark, Member of the ’90s boy band Hi-Five


black-ish: Dre and Bow contemplate a big life change as Pops and Ruby prepare to move away in the series finale. 8 p.m., ABC

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Mayans M.C.: War comes to Santo Padre in the fourth season premiere. 9 p.m., FX

New Amsterdam: The team goes out for karaoke in the spring season premiere. 9 p.m., NBC

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  • The Late Late Show with James Corden: Elle Fanning, Anthony Ramos, UPSAHL
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: The cast of “Black-ish”
  • The Daily Show: Pamela Adlon
  • Watch What Happens Live: Jackie Goldschneider, Melissa Gorga

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  1. I’ve started watching Servant of the People, and it’s a good, clever comedy, though a bit tough to watch, what with the daily horrors coming out of Ukraine. But I’ve noticed one thing: The opening credits feel like a subtle, lighthearted tribute to the titles from The Sopranos. Does anyone else get the same vibe? Here’s that great sequence from The Sopranos: – and here are the titles from Servant of the People:

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