Food Network wants you to know they have nothing to do with that asshole

Shanah Tovah! On this Rosh Hashanah, here’s Mandy Patinkin leaving a recording of himself reciting Jewish prayers to play for his dog Becky before her meals. If you didn’t already love Mandy Patinkin before this …

Also, Becky is a very good girl. May you all have a good and sweet new year!


So, comedian (or “comedian”) Josh Denny, former Food Network host of Ginormous Food, went off on Twitter with pro-forced-birth “jokes” about abortion, which mostly amounted to calling women “whores.” Ha?

Look, I actually don’t have any problem with someone taking a position I don’t agree with on abortion — I know that there are good people on both sides of this issue, people who believe that life begins at conception and that any abortion amounts to murder. I am related to a lot of those people. But when your argument — I’m sorry, “joke” — is that any woman who gets an abortion after six weeks (when most women, including myself with both pregnancies, don’t even know they are pregnant) is a “whore,” you’re not taking a principled position, you are just a misogynist.

Anyway, Food Network wants y’all to know that they don’t have anything to do with him, please stop yelling at them, thanks:

This being the most attention this asshole has ever received, he spent the entire long weekend retweeting attacks on himself while whinging about “cancel culture.” OK.

Speaking of our draconian abortion law that turns our citizens into vigilantes, Hollywood is still trying to figure out how to respond. Some are threatening to cancel all shows and productions here:

While others, like Alyssa Milano point out that a boycott will hurt those they are trying to help:

Alyssa Milano, in an interview with the Los Angeles Times said, “I don’t know if a Hollywood boycott would do much directly. But a Hollywood-driven boycott of companies which fund the campaigns of [Gov.] Greg Abbott and others like him might hurt more.” She added that a boycott could “hurt the people who are most affected by these new laws” and instead hoped to get “the entertainment industry united and loud in pushing for immediate federal reform and relief [which] will protect women everywhere in America.” 

And Bette Midler had an idea:

Meanwhile, one of the repeated refrains about this law is that an Uber driver who drove a woman to a clinic to get an abortion could be sued for the $10,000 bounty. (And just think about the implications of that: what Uber or Lyft driver would ever pick up a woman of childbearing age again?) Anyway, Uber and Lyft have announced that they will protect all of their drivers and pay any legal fees in the event they are sued, and Lyft donated Planned Parenthood $1 million. Good for them.

The sexual harassment lawsuit against ABC News is pitting Robin Roberts against George Stephanopoulos. According to sources, Stephanopoulos learned about the allegations almost four years ago, but continued to work with the alleged assaulter, Michael Corn. On a call with GMA staffers, Roberts said “If this happened to someone on my team, I would have burned the place down,” and is reportedly “incensed” at the network’s response and has told them so. “EVERYTHING IS FINE,” ABC News says when asked. LOL, OK. 

Angelina Jolie revealed that Brad Pitt’s choice to continue working with Harvey Weinstein when it was an open secret that he was an abusive asshole — and after she had her own run-in with him, was something that hurt their marriage.

Impeachment: American Crime Story premieres on FX tonight, and ahead of it, Monica Lewinsky is out here saying that while she doesn’t need an apology from Bill Clinton, he should want to give one. Word.

Viewers are abandoning Chris Cuomo’s show in big numbers. HUH, WHY?

Shonda Rhimes, Eva Longoria, Jurnee Smollett, Christy Haubegger, Hilary Rosen, Michelle Kydd, Katie McGrath, and interim board chair and super lawyer Nina Shaw have all stepped down from the board of Time’s Up in the wake of this mess.

This asshole.

Britney Spears’ dad is demanding $2 million to go away, but she and her lawyer are like, “Oh hell no.”

Casting News

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Michael K. Williams, Brilliant actor known for his roles in The Wire, Broadway Empire, and Lovecraft Country. Terrible loss.

Irma Kalish, One of television’s first female producers and writing partner to Norman Lear

Erik Cowie, Zookeeper featured in Tiger King


Impeachment: American Crime Story: Ryan Murphy tackles the Bill Clinton scandal. What could go wrong? Series premiere. 9 p.m., FX

On the Verge: Four women of a certain age deal with their early 40s in this new series from Julie Delpy. Premiere. Netflix

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