Annnnd … we’re back! (But Fox News’ Ivory Hecker won’t be.)

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Hi! I am finally back! What did I miss? A local Fox news reporter made the national media when she lost her damn mind and accused her station of “muzzling” her and that she was giving the evidence over to conservative nitwit and prankster James O’Keefe to prove it? Oh. OK.

So yeah, Ivory Hecker interrupted a story on the oppressive fucking heat down here to announce to the world that she was going to be revealing the EXPLOSIVE footage of her station suppressing her to Project Vertias the next day.

So what was her big story? Basically that the local Fox News station sometimes makes editorial choices based on demographics and sometimes nixes stories if they are not well-sourced or based in science and reality. SHOCKING, I KNOW.

I watched the Project Veritas video so you don’t have to, and it seems Hecker is mad that 1. her News Directors didn’t want her to do a story on Bitcoin because it wasn’t a story their key demographic — which happens to be Black viewers — are particularly interested in (and honestly, who is?) and 2. she wanted to do a story on Hydroxychloroquine and its treatments for COVID-19. Hecker thinks that the first story shows that the station is “racist” and gives more import to “corporate values” just because they need to sell ad time as a broadcast news program and that the second story was some sort of “silencing” of the “truth” even though Hydroxychloroquine has been proven time and again to be ineffective in treating COVID-19.

Anyway, she’s since been fired.


Former Thin-Skinned Idiot wanted the Department of Justice, the Federal Election Commission, and the Federal Communications Commission to make Saturday Night Live and the late-night hosts stop making fun of him because he’s a giant fucking toddler. Apparently, his aides had to explain to him that’s not what the DOJ does, and then promised to look into what the FCC and FEC could do about it. They did not look into what the FCC and the FEC could do about it. LOL.

The Former Diaper-Filler-in-Chief has denied this story, but of course he would, it’s super embarrassing. Also, my condolences to Darrell Hammond.

Wondering where The Daily Show is? Yeah, they’re taking a break until September 13, when they will return with “a brand new look and feel.” So no more closet?

R.I.P., The Mac and Me bit on Conan.

Rick Scott is using the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics in China as a political platform.

Jeopardy!, come on. Do better.

We have Girls5Eva and Tina Fey to thank for Busy Philipps staying in the acting game. (I mean this sincerely, Busy is a treasure.)

If you were hoping for a less expensive way to watch Disney+, you’re going to be waiting for a while.

It’s been a week since that wild Cruel Summer finale. What did you think? And where do you think it goes from here next season (yes, it’s been renewed — see below)?

Sexy Bridgerton news:

Sarah Paulson has revealed her least favorite season of American Horror Story, and frankly, this wouldn’t have been my first guess. But the more I think about it, the more it makes sense, at least from her perspective as an actress.

Carole Baskin is still real mad about Tiger King, guys. Of course, it could be argued it’s a double-edged sword and gave her more publicity for her own tiger refuge than she could have ever dreamed of.

Americans are getting more into soccer apparently. Speaking of, you don’t need to make it more exciting, Christian Eriksen. PLEASE GET BETTER SOON.

Going Viral

We are less than two weeks out from President Biden’s goal date of July 4 to get 70% of eligible Americans vaccinated, and friends, I’m sorry to report we are unlikely to get there. We are at 63%, and we might be able to hit 68% by July 4, but that’s probably it because of vaccine-hesitant ding-dongs mostly in red states.

I just traveled through the Deep South this past week, and looking at these vaccination rates in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Louisiana, combined with the number of people I saw wearing masks in those states … I’m deeply concerned that these states are going to be particularly vulnerable to this Delta strain that is spreading rapidly here in the States.

Our case count continues to go down, but since I checked in here last time, we’re starting to plateau. Two weeks ago, the 7-day average of new cases was 14,031; today that number is 11,370. And while I was gone, we crossed the terrible mark of having lost over 600,000 American lives to this terrible virus. Please encourage those you love and care about to get the vaccine: a death from COVID is completely unnecessary at this point.

And you don’t want you and yours to be associated with that madman Alex Jones, right?

Or these goons who think requiring vaccinations is the new segregation, along with girlfriend-beater, Ricky Schroder?

Or with these dumb, sweaty morons?

Or Former President Shit-fer-Brains who is out here telling people to not get their kids vaccinated? By the way, it also recently came out that he wanted to put the cruise folks who had COVID in Gitmo, because of course he did.

In a bit of good news: the anti-vaxxer idiots here in Houston who thought they had a right to WORK IN A HOSPITAL WITHOUT BEING VACCINATED had their lawsuit against the Houston Methodist Hospital system dismissed by a federal judge, and as of Monday, they were all fired after having been given a two-week period to go get the damn shot.

Also being required to be vaccinated: all cast and crew on touring productions of Broadway shows.

Disneyland and Disney World are dropping mask requirements for vaccinated guests.

And in New York State, COVID-19 restrictions were lifted as the state reached the 70% vaccinated level. Good for them.

As a result, while I was gone, Stephen Colbert bid farewell to “A Late Show” (“All good things must come to an end. Also this.”) and returned to The Late Show, complete with a vaxed and masked audience.

However, the triumphant return was not without controversy. Colbert’s first guest was his old friend and Daily Show host, Jon Stewart, who spent a great deal of his time suggesting that COVID-19 was the result of a lab leak — a controversial position embraced by Former President Conspiracy Theory and the QAnons. The lab leak theory hasn’t been disproven and certainly needs to be thoroughly investigated, but it hasn’t been proven either, and the vast majority of scientists think is unlikely the cause.

Stewart’s rant was not well received by some, including Houston’s own vaccine expert, Dr. Peter Hotez, and Houston’s own journalism icon, Dan Rather:

Also returning to the studio and an audience for his final episodes, albeit with a lot less controversy, was Conan O’Brien.

And Jimmy Kimmel Live! returned this week with a quarter of the audience of a normal show, but hey! That’s something:

As for Seth Meyers, he is unlikely to bring audiences back until September at the earliest, though I’m not the only one who thinks that maybe an audience is not necessary?

The upcoming July 4th PBS celebration, A Capitol Fourth, will feature live fireworks, but a pre-taped concert.

David Byrne’s American Utopia will return to Broadway on September 17. And Springsteen on Broadway returns this weekend, but only if you’re vaccinated (good for them) and the AstraZeneca vaccine ain’t gonna cut it.

The Santa Barbara International Film Festival will return in person in 2022.

But Con of Thrones is not returning this year. Maybe 2022?

And maybe hold off on booking that cruise just yet.

Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul had to be sidelined after testing positive for COVID-19, and yes, he did get the vaccine. This is exactly why everyone needs to get vaccinated: we can still be carriers of the virus, putting the people who physically incapable of being vaccinated at high risk.

Meanwhile, Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley is out here declaring that he won’t get vaccinated. The NFL should sideline him.

Former Dawson’s Creek writer, Heidi Ferrer, died by suicide after suffering from long-haul COVID for 13 months.

Makes ya think:


  • Cruel Summer has been renewed for a second season at Freeform. (Yay! It’s not great, but it’s fun.)
  • Ziwe has been renewed at Showtime for a second season.
  • Solar Opposites has been renewed for a fourth season at Hulu.


  • My old nemesis, Manifest, has been canceled after three seasons. There was talk there for a hot second that Netflix might pick it up after it saw a surge of viewership on the streaming service, but then Netflix was like, “Nah.”

Here’s a nice rant about NBC’s cowardly decision to cancel the series without giving Jeff Rake, the showrunner, a chance to land the series, and why it’s bad for broadcast TV in general, written by a fellow recapper who didn’t care for the show.

And here are eight questions to which we’ll just have to live without ever knowing the answers.

In Development

Casting News

Mark Your Calendars

The CW has announced its fall premiere dates:

  • Penn & Teller: Fool Us: October 1
  • Nancy Drew: October 8
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway?: October 9
  • World’s Funniest Animals: October 9
  • Legends of the Hidden Temple: October 10
  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: October 13
  • Legacies: October 14
  • All American: October 25
  • 4400: October 25
  • Walker: October 28
  • The Flash: November 16
  • Riverdale: November 16

Dinsey+ is moving all of its release dates to Wednesdays:

  • Monsters at Work on July 7

  • Turner and Hooch on July 21

  • Behind the Attraction will premiere on July 21
  • Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life on July 28
  • Turning the Tables with Robin Roberts on July 28
  • The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse on July 28
  • Growing Up Animal on August 18
  • Short Circuit on August 4


  • Sexy Beasts will premiere on Netflix on July 21 and y’all, this is real:

  • American Horror Stories premieres on FX on July 15.

  • Gunpowder Milkshake will debut on Netflix on July 14.

  • Suicide Squad will premiere on HBO Max and in theaters on August 6.

  • Behind the Music returns on Paramount+ on July 29.

  • Truth Be Told will return on Apple TV+ on August 20.

  • Star Trek: Picard returns on Paramount+ in 2022.

  • Q-Force will premiere on September 2.

  • The Harper House will premiere on Paramount+ this fall.

  • A Classic Horror Story will premiere on Netflix on July 14.

  • Summer of Soul will debut on Hulu on July 2.

  • American Rust will premiere on Showtime on September 12.

  • All That Glitters premieres on HBO Max on June 24

  • Luke Bryan: My Dirt Road Diary will debut on IMDb TV on August 6.

  • The Guide to the Perfect Family will debut on Netflix on July 14.

  • Bitchin’: The Sound and Fury of Rick James will air on Showtime later this year.

  • Hunting Atlantis will premiere on Discovery on July 21.

  • Fasten Your Seatbelt will premiere on A&E on July 21.

  • 30 Days With: Bretman Rock will debut on YouTube on June 30.

  • Splinter Cell will premiere later this year on Netflix.

  • Uzumaki has been delayed on Adult Swim until 2022.


Faith Kleppinger, Longtime writer on AC 360

David Lightfoot, Australian producer


In the Dark: Murphy, Jess, Felix, and Max are forced to make some life-changing decisions in the season premiere. 8 p.m., The CW

Good on Paper: Iliza Shlesinger and Ryan Hanson star in this rom-com that also, mysteriously, co-stars Tyler Cameron — as in Tyler Cameron from Hannah’s season of The Bachelorette? OK SURE WHY NOT. Premiere. Netflix

Too Hot to Handle: I don’t judge what trash you choose to watch. Premiere. Netflix

The Blacklist: Reddington seeks the truth about his identity in the season finale. 9 p.m., NBC

Card Sharks: Season premiere. 9 p.m., ABC

Late Night:

  • Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: John Cena, Henry Winkler, Majid Jordan
  • Late Night with Seth Meyers: Bill Clinton, James Patterson, Titus Welliver, Weezer, Kristina Schiano
  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Christine Baranski, Joy Oladokun
  • The Late Late Show with James Corden: Josh Gad, Chloe Moriondo
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Billy Crystal, Emma Corrin, Seventeen
  • The Daily Show: The Daily Social Distancing Show
  • Conan: Dana Carvey
  • Watch What Happens Live: Kathy Hilton, Crystal Kung Minkoff

WEDS. 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30
ABC Press Your Luck
The $100,000 Pyramid
Card Sharks
CBS Kids Say the Darndest Things
CW Kung Fu
In the Dark
FOX MasterChef
Crime Scene Kitchen
NBC The Boss Baby The Blacklist

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