Season finale season is in full swing: Say goodbye to these shows (for now)

So, this gallery was actually more useful yesterday, when three of this week’s five season finales actually aired, but the Chron didn’t publish it until after I had already published my own post, so whaddya gonna do? The good news is that there are other finale dates in here for seasons ending in the coming weeks and months so its not a complete waste of your time.

One of those season finales airs tonight: The Bachelor puts all of us out of our misery tonight, and no one seems to know what, exactly, is going to happen.  E! has put together this handy slideshow of how The Bachelor and Bachelorette finales have gone in seasons past.

Tyler Cameron, the guy Bahcelorette Hannah should have picked, lost his mother to a brain aneurysm, and he and his brothers have started a GoFundMe to start a charitable foundation in her name.

Quibi is launching in less than a month (April 6) and will offer a three-month free trial. Here is a list of everything that will be available on day one. Oh, and also, (once that free trial is over), you’ll be paying $4.99 a month for the service which will also feature 5- and 15-second ads that you can’t skip.

Damon Lindelof had nothing to do with Watchmen being recategorized as a “limited series” for Emmy consideration (except for that part where he said he wasn’t doing another season now or maybe ever).

Apparently, the Lizzie McGuire reboot was going to feature a story about sex and infidelity in its premiere episode, which is what had Disney’s panties in a twist.

One Day at a Time is still a little bitter about their breakup with Netflix. (Let’s hope their new home, Pop TV, remains stable despite Pop TV canceling pretty much all of their other scripted series.)

FINALLY, SOME GOOD NEWS: William Shatner has won all the horse semen in the divorce.

Congratulations to Grey’s Anatomy‘s Camilla Luddington! How will this be written into the series?

This claims to have the real story of Bob Iger suddenly leaving as Disney’s CEO, but it isn’t really passing the smell test. Disney wanted to get ahead of rumors? Or maybe Iger really did want to work on the creative side? I mean, OK. I don’t believe you, but OK.

There’s a bit of a shakeup over at Showtime in the head offices, if you care at all. (I do not.)

Veteran soap actor Roscoe Born’s family opened up about his death, revealing that he committed suicide after struggling with bipolar disorder, in the hopes to encourage others who need help to get it.

If you’re thinking about suicide, are worried about a friend or loved one, or would like emotional support, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s toll-free number: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Viral Madness

Another day living under the cloud Coronavirus, and a lot of shit has gone down since we last checked in  … 24 hours ago.

Hey, remember when I pointed out that GOP nitwit Matt Gaetz thought he was making a funny by wearing a gas mask on the floor of Congress, trying to suggest that Democrats were being hysterical drama queens?

And then he had a constituent in his district DIE of Coronavirus? Yeah, well, guess who was exposed to someone with Coronavirus at CPAC?

And guess who YESTERDAY flew on Air Force One with President Germaphobe?

Gaetz isn’t the only one exposed to the virus at CPAC, either:

Oh, and Louie Gohmert, too, but keeping in character, that motherfucker is refusing to self-quarantine because he doesn’t wanna. HEY, YOU DUMDUMS IN TEXAS 1: STOP RE-ELECTING LOUIE GOHMERT, HE’S TRYING TO KILL YOU.

Meanwhile, MEANWHILE, this administration with the help of Fox News and Fox Business News is telling their viewers and base that everything is great and its the Democrats who are pushing the Coronavirus narrative to … lemme check my notes … impeach the President again:

Hey! Guess who thinks the coverage of the virus is overblown — did you guess “Republicans?” Because the answer is “Republicans.”:

We are living in two very different worlds, you guys. One is grounded in reality and one is grounded in Fox News.

That said, there is a lone voice in the wild over at Fox News, who is speaking the truth? Telling his viewers that people they voted for are lying to them about the virus?


In the entertainment world:

And finally, for a little catharsis, here’s Stephen Colbert calling President Coronavirus a “monster” and an “idiot.”

REMEMBER: Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, if you’re sick stay home, and if you are elderly or immunosuppressed, AVOID EVERYONE. Stay healthy, guys. Virtual hugs.


  • Going back to my gallery at the top of this post: Looks like 9-1-1: Lone Star has been renewed.

In Development

Casting News

Mark Your Calendars

  • Unorthodox will debut on Netflix on March 26.
  • The Undoing will debut on HBO on May 10.
  • Central Park will debut on Apple TV+ on May 29.
  • I Promise will debut on Quibi in April.
  • Creators for Change will debut on YouTube on March 17.


Earl Pomerantz, Writer on Mary Tyler Moore, Cheers, The Bob Newhart Show, Taxi, and Sanford & Son and producer of Major Dad


The Bachelor: Part two of the season finale in which even Peter supposedly doesn’t know what is going to happen. Boy, bye. 7 p.m., ABC

Marc Maron: End Times Fun: The notorious crank has his own stand-up special. Netflix

The Princess Bride: Oh, just because. 7 p.m., Sundance TV

Late Night:

  • Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally, Charli D’Amelio, 070 Shake
  • Late Night with Seth Meyers: Cillian Murphy, David Simon, Steve Ferrone
  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Charles Barkley, Peter Sarsgaard
  • The Late Late Show with James Corden: Annette Bening, Elle Fanning, Niall Horan
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Emily Blunt, Jake Johnson, Christina Aguilera
  • The Daily Show: Jason Reynolds, Ibram X. Kendi
  • Conan: Nikki Glaser
  • Lights Out with David Spade: Gabriel Iglesias, Megan Gailey, Chris Franjola
  • Watch What Happens Live: Stassi Schroeder, Beau Clark
  • A Little Late with Lily Singh: Chrissy Metz, Marlena Rodriguez



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  1. “… guess who was exposed to someone with Coronavirus at CPAC?”

    And guess who wasn’t? The head of CPAC told reporters before the event that Mitt Romney had not been invited because (gotta love this) they wanted to protect him. They did, just not the way they thought.

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