Great news: The White House Correspondent’s Dinner is going to be funny again!

The White House Correspondent’s Dinner has decided they don’t want to be boring after all, and have tapped Kenan Thompson to host, and Hasan Minhaj to perform. The dinner took a year off from having comedians host it after Michelle Wolff gave a hilarious and blistering job as host in 2018, and made fun of ~checks notes~ Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ eyeshadow. Many pearls were clutched and then a historian was called in for duty lest a mean comedian hurt the feelings of any members of this fascist administration. Anyway, I’m 100% certain President Imbecile currently has no idea who Kenan Thompson or Hasan Minhaj even are, but I am guessing he’ll know soon enough and we’ll be hearing ALL ABOUT IT via Twitter. The dinner will be held on April 25.

Here’s an Entertainment Weekly interview with the eternally delightful Ted Danson about the end of The Good Place.

HGTV’s House Hunters featured a throuple for the first time. Hey, throuples have real estate needs, too.

Jon Snow + Tormund are out there, beyond the wall, “comforting” each other. The slash fic you didn’t know you needed.

CNN’s Brian Stelter is writing a book about Sean Hannity and Sean Hannity is SO MAD about it.

Really, Wheel of Fortune? For real?


Chris Harrison and so-called “Bachelor Nation” mourned a Bachelor superfan who died from cancer in this very sweet, heartfelt, sincere and very moving post.

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#BachelorNation lost one of its biggest fans today and I lost a dear friend. I met @kimcankickit about 7 years ago by coincidence at a concert in LA. She was a young beautiful woman who’d just been handed the news she would be dying soon of cancer. I told her that year if she was healthy enough I’d like to have her as my guest at the After the Final Rose special. She made it that year and I told her as long as she had the strength, from then on, she had a seat in the front row. Kim made it to every live special I’ve hosted since and a friendship and love was formed that changed my life. There were years Kim was completely bald and looked like she could barely stand but she was there. She endured more surgeries and procedures than any human I’ll ever know, yet her spirit and faith endured. To say she was strong, courageous and brave would be a gross understatement. To say I learned so much and gained so much perspective from her would be falling short of her true impact. We laughed, we cried our eyes out and we cussed. The only thing Kim was ever really sad or disappointed about was her guilt of not being a better wife and mother. Yes, even in excruciating agony and relentless battles all she cared about is how much she was loving others. I know the rest of her body failed her but her heart sure as hell didn’t. It was as pure as her eyes were blue. I will miss my friend very much. I will miss looking in the front row and seeing her beautiful loving smile. I’ll miss our texts and FT’s where we talked about the show but mostly about life and what was next. Kim was always looking for the next battle, the next step, the next accomplishment. I’m grateful this beautiful soul came into my life. She truly touched everyone she met and that is the definition of living. She’s free of that broken body she was given and I find tremendous peace in that. But a beautiful girl lost her mom a wonderful loving man @heyurkimshusband lost his wife and I lost a true friend. I love you Kim!

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And in other Bachelor news, Jubilee, use this as a teachable moment.

Oh no: three people were shot outside of Kandi Burruss’ Atlanta restaurant this weekend. A culprit has been arrested.

Fantasy Island came out this past weekend and from what I understand it was NOT GOOD. Instead of wasting your time on the movie, here’s a look back at five of the creepier episodes from the original series. It turns out, all of these “horror” stories end with, “and then they fall and love and leave the island together. Which brings me to this problematic sentence: “Then, Mr. Roarke reveals that Jason and Beth are not siblings after all, and they express their own love for each other.”

what excuse me pardon me supernatural dean spn

Time’s Up

Tiffany Boone addressed her decision to leave The Chi in an Instagram post:

“You don’t carelessly leave a ‘hit show’ that is praised by your community,” Boone wrote Monday on Instagram. “I deeply love Chicago and the people of that city who have embraced me. I felt honored and privileged to be part of telling their story. The weight of what I was leaving behind felt like a ton, but the weight of my responsibility to speak up was even heavier.”

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feeling grateful and free.

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Oh, so Charles Barkley can say what we all know to be true about Kobe Bryant but Gayle King can’t? Huh. Wonder why.

The entire board of the French César Academy resigned when Roman Polanski and his film An Officer and a Spy earned some 12 nominations. Good for them.

The Boys Scouts of America had to file for bankruptcy to protect themselves from the mounting sexual abuse lawsuits.

R. Kelly is about to be indicted on new federal charges for abusing another minor.

Rick James’s estate is being sued by a woman who claims he raped her back in the day.

An all-female crew will broadcast and produce the St. Louis Blues vs. Chicago Blackhawks National Hockey League matchup on International Women’s Day for NBC Sports.

Wendy William has been on a roll: first, she made some gross homophobic comments she had to apologize for, and then she cracked jokes about the murder of Amie Hardwick, Drew Carey’s former fiance. Eeeesh.



  • Bosch has been picked up for a final seventh season on Amazon.
  • Insatiable has been canceled at Netflix after two seasons.

In Development

Casting News

Mark Your Calendars

  • Stranger Things will return on Netflix … sometime.
  • Killing Eve returns on BBC on April 26.
  • Run will debut on HBO on April 12.
  • Hunters will debut on Amazon this Friday.
  • The Last O.G. will return on TBS on April 7.
  • Love Fraud will debut on Showtime on May 8.


Caroline Flack, Host of Love Island in the UK. Flack had recently stepped down as host of the show after she was arrested for domestic abuse. She was scheduled to face trial for the incident on March 4. Her death, which was a suicide, has prompted an outcry against the notoriously vicious British tabloids who had covered Flack relentlessly. The show paid tribute to Flack on the episode that aired tonight.

Lynn Cohen, Screen and stage actor known for her role as Magda on Sex and the City.

Kellye Nakahara, Known for her role as Nurse Kellye on M*A*S*H.

Amie Harwick, Hollywood-based family and sex therapist who had been engaged to Drew Carey in 2018. Price is Right has canceled their tapings this week.

Charles Portis, Author of True Grit.


We Are the Dream: The Kids of the Oakland MLK Oratory Fest: For something a little uplifting. 6 p.m., HBO

Frontline: Amazon Empire: The Rise of Jeff Bezos: A look at the Amazon kingpin and the darker side of the business. 8 p.m., PBS

This is Us: The Big Three reconnect at the cabin. 8 p.m., NBC

Late Night:

  • The Late Late Show with James Corden: Justin Bieber, Billy Crystal, Ben Schwartz
  • Watch What Happens Live: Dwyane Wade, Michelle Buteau


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