No, President Dingdong, Larry David isn’t laughing with you, he’s laughing AT you

Y’all, Y’ALL. The 10th season premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm, “Happy New Year,” featured a plotline in which Larry realizes wearing a MAGA hat in Los Angeles grosses people out — he literally calls it “great people repellent” in the episode — and he uses it to get out of small talk and lunches he doesn’t want to take. At one point in the episode, Larry accidentally cuts off a hyper-aggressive motorcyclist and to avoid confrontation with a road rager, he puts on the MAGA hat.

This is how dumb our President is: Our imbecile President is so dumb, he didn’t realize he and his supporters are being mocked in this episode, and tweeted this out yesterday:

Just to be REAL CLEAR about Larry David’s feelings about Trump supporters, he doesn’t give a fuck if he offends them:

larry dvid curb your enthusiasm sorry if you're offended

Meanwhile, at a campaign stop in New Hampshire, Joe Biden called a young woman who asked him about his performance in the Iowa caucus a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier.” And it’s not the first time he’s used that turn of phrase? And he claims it’s from a John Wayne movie? Except it’s not? Oh, Uncle Joe.

The Daily Show created a Twitter bot that creates Biden insults: @BidenInsultBot Tweet at it, and it’ll fire back at you something along the lines of:

Chuck Todd compared online Bernie supporters to Nazi Brownshirts. DAMMIT, CHUCK, THAT’S NOT HELPFUL.

The Hunt, Damon Lindelof’s The Most Dangerous Game-inspired movie that was not released last fall because of dumb political reasons, will finally come out on March 13.

One last bit of Oscars business: Here are a bunch of stars being excited to meet Jerry from Cheer. Just look how excited they are to meet him! My heart!

Tubi, a free, ad-supported streaming service, has hit 25 million monthly users. Huh!

Last year, the Trivago guy was arrested here in Houston when he was found asleep in his car ON THE FREEWAY. Apparently, someone had a little too much drinky-drinky. Good news: he took some online classes about drinking and driving and he’s all good now, and his DWI case has been dismissed.

Time’s Up

Following backlash for his comments about — threats against? — Gayle King, Snoop Dogg is now saying that his comments, specifically, “Back off, bitch, before we come get you,” was not, actually a threat. I mean, but no? It’s pretty clearly a threat?

A hashtag in support of King popped up on Twitter, #IStandWithGayle, and soon many in the media were using it:

Susan Zirinsky, the CBS News head FINALLY made a statement of support of King, and calling the death threats she received “reprehensible.” Note: all of this started after a poorly edited clip seemed to suggest that an interview King had done with a WNBA player was focused on the Kobe Bryant rape allegations. So, you know, this is very much CBS’s fault.

The most powerful statement in defense of King I’ve seen so far comes from the always eloquent Ta-Nehisi Coates:

The Harvey Weinstein trial is expected to wrap up by this Friday.

Well. It seems Prince Andrew’s exile from royal duties didn’t last long.

Natalie Portman is awesome.

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