President Gaslight is at it again, trying to convince you that you didn’t see him say the thing that he definitely said

Yesterday, ABC News released an interview our President gave to George Stephanopoulos in which he said he would happily receive dirt on his competition from foreign governments and would not contact the FBI about it. While it hardly feels surprising — after all, he got away with it before without any sort of repercussions, so why would he think it is wrong much less illegal — his comments are still a shocking violation of our norms and borderline treasonous and we can’t just brush this off like everything else he does. The 2020 election is just around the corner, and this asshole is putting out the “For Sale” sign for any interested foreign power.

But apparently, someone told the Cheater-in-Chief that he done fucked up because he’s been busy tweeting at us that what we saw wasn’t what we saw:

“They purposely leave out the part that matters.” And that would be …. what, exactly?

Jon Stewart’s 9/11 first responders bill unanimously got through the Judiciary Committee. Which is great, and it will definitely pass the House, but then it will face the Worst Person in Washington (no, not Donald Trump): Mitch Cocaine McConnell. Good luck, little bill.

Oh, hey, Jessica Biel is an anti-vaxxer. Not that she wants to admit it. But if you lobby politicians to for the “parental right” to not have to vaccinate your child, you’re an anti-vaxxer in my book.

When They See Us has been the most-watched series on Netflix every day since it premiered last month, according to the streaming service. It also continues to have an effect in the real world: One of the prosecutors has resigned from Columbia Law School in the face of protests by the students.

This side-by-side comparison of HBO’s Chernobyl to actual footage from the disaster is REMARKABLE.

I’m not a prude, but 30 dicks are a lot of dicks for one episode of television.

“An Emmy for Megan” changed the Emmys.

Apparently, the Game of Thrones composer, Ramin Djawadi, used a bit of Robb Stark’s wedding music in the scene where Brienne fills in the Kingsguard Book for Jaime as a little easter egg about what could have been. And that would have been sweet if it had made ANY SENSE AT ALL to hook Brienne and Jaime up in the first place.

Stranger Things continues their product tie-in onslaught: this week we have an “Upside-Down” burger at Burger King, which is literally a hamburger served upside down; Nike is releasing some Stranger Things shoes; and a mobile game is promised in 2020.

The new Tia Mowry sitcom on Netflix, Family Reunion, has assembled an all-Black writers room. This shouldn’t be remarkable, but here we are.

The next season of CBS’s Tell Me a Story will put twisted takes on princess stories.

Variety hosted a TV summit featuring Network presidents, CMOs, talent, showrunners, and producers. Here are some of the more interesting revelations from the event.

I know I posted this earlier in the week, but this is a better video of Billy Porter’s “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” from the commercial break at the Tonys. I love this so much. If someone isn’t rewriting Gypsy to be about drag queens and casting Billy as Rose right this second, there is nothing right in this world.

Sex Monster News

Bryan Singer is settling a rape accusation for $150,000, though he claims he’s innocent. OK.

A Fox News panelist and Fox Nation host, Tyrus, has been accused of sexual harassment by one of his co-hosts. Fox claims they have resolved the situation, and Tyrus remains on the network. OK.

Cuba Gooding Jr. is going to turn himself over to the police after being accused of groping a woman. He has a long history of being a mess.

Mira Sorvino revealed that she had been date raped at a news conference with New York governor Andrew Cuomo seeking to drop the statute of limitations in rape cases.

The former showrunner of Fuller House sounds like a treat:

Platon said Jane Doe 3 also reported that Franklin had his assistant request all the writers come to his mansion for a week to write, and that female writers were reminded multiple times to bring their bikinis. Jane Doe 3’s statement about bikinis was corroborated by Jane Doe 4.

Platon said Jane Doe 3 also said Franklin said female directors were “all the same’” and told the writers’ room that he does not date Jewish women, then added, “Sorry to all the Jewish women in the room.”

Platon said Jane Doe 5 attributed the following remark to Franklin, about a female member of the crew: “She is probably going to be pregnant next season. I wish I could make all the women on my staff get hysterectomies.”

Jane Doe 6 said she heard Franklin refer to an underage girl as being “one nose job away from a good f–.” Platon said Jane Doe 6 also stated that Franklin would talk about orgies he had over the weekend.

Michael Avenatti is not going to be charged for domestic abuse in Los Angeles, after all.

A crew member in Georgia writes that Hollywood shouldn’t boycott the state over their abortion law, they should stay and fight. I mean, look. I get it. I live in a red state and get REAL TIRED of my friends and family who live in blue states looking down their noses at those of us who stay here and try to make change — especially ESPECIALLY those friends and family who are from here and moved away to safer locales. But I find this guy — and it is a guy, obviously — and his argument hard to listen to because he’s not going to ever need an abortion. He’s arguing from a position of comfort and privilege; it’s a hell of a lot less comfortable for the women who work with him there in Georgia who might actually be affected by this law.


In Development

  • Lobo, a spinoff of Krypton, is in the works at Syfy.
  • The Boondocks is being rebooted by Sony TV.
  • Hungry Ghosts, inspired by Anthony Bourdain’s comic, is being turned into an animated series.
  • America Says, a game show, is headed to syndication in the fall.
  • Derek Hough has signed an overall deal with Universal Television.

Casting News

Mark Your Calendars

  • Harlots returns on Hulu on July 10.
  • Divorce will return on HBO on July 1.
  • Pennyworth will debut on Epix on July 28.


Sylvia Miles, Actress and two-time Oscar nominee


A.P. Bio: The one-hour series finale of this hilarious little show. Heather, I’m going to miss you most of all, Boss. Series finale. (PLEASE SAVE IT, HULU.) 7:30 p.m., NBC

Baskets: “Susan nearly kills Ronald Reagan.” This is why I love this show. Season premiere. 9 p.m., FX

Project Runway: A winner is chosen. Team Sebastian, though I won’t be angry if it’s Hester. Season finale. 8 p.m., Bravo

Strange Angel: Season premiere. CBS All Access

Siren: Ryn returns to land. Season premiere. 7 p.m., Freeform

The Real World: Series premiere. Facebook

Late Night:

  • Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Sienna Miller, Josh Charles, Ryan Tedder, OneRepublic
  • Late Night with Seth Meyers: Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Regina Spektor
  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Kevin Bacon, Mark Ronson, Lykke Li
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Tom Hanks, Pamela Adlon, Koffee
  • The Daily Show: Rep. Tim Ryan
  • Conan: Don Cheadle
  • Watch What Happens Live: Rosie Perez, Mark Ronson


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