More ‘Game of Thrones’ odds and ends including Bingo cards and how you’d die in Westeros (hint: it wouldn’t be pretty)

In today’s Game of Thrones news:

Benioff and Weiss are going to be drunk and far from the internet on May 19.

Here are Game of Thrones bingo cards you can print out for the final season, and they’re pretty great. “Tyrion makes a joke,” “Jaime looks conflicted,” “Someone says ‘cunt’,” “Book readers get mad.”

The season 8 scripts would disappear like a Faceless Man’s face.

My money is on Helen Mirren. Hey, at least they’re not putting their money on Bran like every other idiot who has never watched the show seems to be doing.

How would you die on Game of Thrones? Me? I get my eyes popped out by The Mountain, apparently. But hey, on the upside, I’m the sexy Viper.

BRAGGING ALERT: I got 7/7 on this quiz. But then it’s my job to write about this show, so.

Sansa and Arya ain’t playing around this season. Just ask Littlefinger.

The actor who plays perhaps the last new character (or at least new important-ish character) speaks.

Patton Oswalt has some ideas about what should come after Game of Thrones:

American Horror Story has released its theme and title and it has nothing to do with Area 51. It does go back in time though. American Horror Story: 1984 will debut this fall:

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AHS SEASON 9 is called…

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The Emmys will no longer allow American Horror Story, The Sinner, and American Vandal to compete in the Limited Series category because they contain recurring characters and storylines. Fair.

Honestly, the Peabody nominations for entertainment are an excellent list of the only shows you need to bother with.

Did you watch the premiere of Fosse/Verdon last night? (Confession: I have not watched it yet, I am been gorging on this Game of Thrones marathon like an idiot.) Here is a great piece about their marriage and their performances, if you are interested in learning more.

HMMM … Will the new Walking Dead spinoff be about Judith? Mayhaps!

In the most interesting development in the escalating war between Netflix and theater owners, Netflix is about to buy the historic Grauman’s Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles. It should be noted it’s being described as more of a “partnership” than an outright purchase, in which Netflix would have use of it on the weekends, and American Cinematheque would continue to use it for screenings and presentations during the week.

We have a new one-day winnings record on Jeopardy. SCRAM, KEN JENNINGS. (Just kidding, Ken Jennings is delightful.)

Oh no, Logo isn’t going to broadcast Eurovision Song Contest this year. WHERE WILL WE GET OUR EUROVISION SONG CONTEST?

Queer Eye fans are good fans.

Well, this is interesting: the DIY channel is going to be rebranded “Magnolia” and basically become the Chip and Joanna Gaines network.

Pluto TV — a free TV streaming service — is adding two new drama channels. Pluto Drama, which will air some British series, including Doctor Who; and Pluto Retro TV which will feature shows from the 70s, 80s, and 90s like 21 Jump Street.

Things are getting worse for Lori Loughlin.

As for Felicity Huffman, Netflix is pushing back her film Otherhood, but moving forward with When They See Us, the Central Park Five film they’ve been heavily promoting.

How have I never seen this before?


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  • Chambers will debut on Netflix on April 26 and it looks terrifying, y’all.
  • Lucifer debuts on Netflix on May 8, and they are going ALL IN on the sexy Satan angle:
  • Our Cartoon President returns on Showtime on May 12.
  • The Weekly, a series about The New York Times following a particular story each week, will debut on FX on June 2 and on Hulu June 3.


Alexia Valiente, ABC News producer

Charles Van Doren, Contestant in the center of the Quiz Show scandal


The Real Housewives of New York: Sonja spirals out of control. Also, there’s a naked chef. 8 p.m., Bravo

You vs. Wild: Bear Grylls does the choose-your-own-adventure thing in this new series. Netflix

The Silence: Monsters attack people if they make noise in this movie that is not, somehow, A Quiet Place. Netflix

Schitt’s Creek: Season finale. 9 p.m., Pop

Game of Thrones marathon: Season three. 12 p.m., HBO2

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