Hey, remember how we tore families apart for no good reason? ’60 Minutes’ does, and Trump is SO MAD about it.

60 Minutes ran a heartbreaking and damning story last night about the Trump administration’s child separation policy, how it has been going on longer than we imagined, how damaging it is to the children both physically and psychologically, and how the administration’s lack of record-keeping continues to keep parents and children apart from one another. The full segment is available at the link above and I implore you to find 13 minutes in your day to watch it. It’s well worth knowing exactly what we have done to these families, these children who are just trying to find safety in our country.

The video below is just a small taste of the heartbreaking cost of this horrible policy that the administration is desperate to bring back:

Meanwhile, Trump is SO MAD about the 60 Minutes piece — maybe because it exposes exactly what his heartless policies and dehumanization of Latin American migrants actually looks like. Because it’s kinda hard to defend any policy that involves government officials telling people that they are taking their loved ones away for a “shower” and then they never sees those loved ones again. SOUND FAMILIAR?

So Trump did what Trump’s gonna do — took his grievances to Twitter:

This motherfucker right here is straight-up lying. A quick refresher about what the actual law is and how the Obama administration applied it: During Obama’s tenure there was a wave of violence in Latin America that sent a large number of unaccompanied minors across the border seeking to escape gangs. The Obama administration loosened some immigration regulations to allow the children across and built detention centers to contain them. However, the law on the books stipulates that you can’t hold a minor child in detention for more than 20 days, and so the Obama administration would place these UNACCOMPANIED children with family members who were already here in the States or into foster care programs.

Now, I’m not saying that this was a perfect system, and I’m not saying that the Obama administration didn’t lose kids in the foster care programs — it did. There are still some Central American families who have no idea where their children are as a result. It’s horrible and it’s tragic. But what the Obama administration didn’t do was take children who had come across the border with a parent away from that parent. Because that’s fucking cruel and unnecessary and only designed by monsters to try to deter other migrants from coming to the United States. Trump reveals that in that second tweet: he genuinely believes that if you take some children away from their parents, others will be too frightened to even try to come here.

And yet, if threatening people that their families are going to be torn apart if they seek asylum in the United States actually worked, we wouldn’t have had to send troops to the border to try to scare caravans of migrants from crossing in the first place. (Of course, we didn’t have to militarize the border at all and the mess that took place this weekend in which we tear-gassed babies and toddlers could have been avoided altogether if our shitty administration wasn’t trying to whip up a bunch of racist fear in old white people. BUT THAT’S A WHOLE OTHER CONVERSATION FOR ANOTHER TIME.)

Anyway, this is as good a time as any to remind you that we have now entered a holiday season in which the entire reason we celebrate is that a refugee couple were fleeing violence in their homeland and sought a safe place to have their child. And that child went on to preach things like, and I quote: “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.”


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A look at why Netflix has canceled so many shows recently. Although “so many” is relative, right? When you are putting out 700+ new original series and movies A YEAR, 12 shows being cut is really a drop in the bucket.

What’s adorable is that this article thinks that the 90s were the “early years” of Nickelodeon. I’m old enough to remember when You Can’t Do That on Television was the anchor series.

Jameela Jamil continues to be a badass; wishes celebrities who hawk unhealthy nonsense shit their pants in public.

Surprising exactly no one, White House Communications Director Bill Shine is taking home quite the severance package from Fox News.

A man who bought a storage unit from the Storage Wars guy for $500 found $7.5 million inside. However, he returned the money to the original owner for a $1.2 million reward — and with good reason.

Mazel, Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough!


The charges against Michael Avenatti have been dropped by the Los Angeles District Attorney.

And the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has dropped the financial charges against Harvey Weinstein. The feds are still looking into them, though.


In Development

Casting News

Mark Your Calendar


Ricky Jay, Magician and actor. In addition to his many movie roles, Jay had recurring roles on Deadwood, Flashforward and guest starred in a number of other series. He was also a writer and created a company that helped film and TV productions come up with practical special effect solutions. He was most famous as a sleight-of-hand magician, who was described by Steve Martin as “the intellectual élite of magicians. He’s expertly able to perform and yet he knows the theory, history, literature of the field.”

Bernado Bertolucci, Director and writer best known for The Last Emperor, Last Tango in Paris and The Dreamers.

Nicholas Roeg, Director best known for The Man Who Fell to Earth, but who also directed some British TV projects and miniseries.

Bob McNair, Owner of the Houston Texans


Manifest: Not everyone makes it out alive in an effort to rescue the missing passengers. This is the mid-season finale and I am now four episodes behind. I’ll catch up, I suppose. 9 p.m., NBC

The Truth About Killer Robots: They’re coming. Or are they already here? 9 p.m., HBO

The Panama Papers: The largest data hack in history which revealed the ways in which wealthy individuals hid their money around the world in offshore accounts. It sounds dry, but it had huge implications (and maybe had a tangential relationship to the 2016 election).  8 p.m., Epix

The Great Christmas Light Fight: I will never understand how people can get this worked up over Christmas decorations. Halloween, sure, but Christmas? NOTE: In Houston, we will be watching the Texans game on ABC. 7 p.m., ABC

Late Night: Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Glenn Close, Phoebe Robinson, Blood Orange The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Stephen and Jon’s Cartoon Thanks-travaganza The Daily Show: TBA Watch What Happens Live: Sean Hayes; actress Tatiana Maslany

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The Good Doctor
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Magnum P.I.
CW Arrow
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FOX The Resident
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