Late Night says goodbye to Jeff Sessions, celebrates Beto, and can’t believe Trump’s press conference

Stephen Colbert says his goodbyes to Jeff Session. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

And Stephen Colbert finds something that he has in common with Trump:

Seth Meyers burns a lot of things … but not Beto O’Rourke.

Jimmy Kimmel was also impressed by Beto’s concession speech, but tamps down Beto’s presidential hopes. “Hey, this guy just lost, let’s run him!”:

Trevor Noah appreciates that Trump just told us his entire evil plan, and points out that it’s weird that he couldn’t understand reporters’ questions, since he LIVES WITH MELANIA:

Jimmy Kimmel wonders if Trump didn’t get his Snickers based on his performance at his press conference yesterday:

Samantha Bee is excited about Maxine Waters subpoening the fuck out of Trump next year:

James Corden is pretty sure Trump has been listening to Ariana Grande’s “Thank U Next”:

Jimmy Fallon compares the way Trump talks about his taxes to the way a moody teenager talks about his poetry:

Seth Meyers says that Trump’s performance yesterday was either a press conference or every side effect of Chantix:

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