Well, yesterday was completely batshit insane.

The story you should be paying attention to: less than one day after the midterm, Donald Trump fired Jeff Sessions as Attorney General and put in Matt Whitaker, a lackey who made a career of attacking the Mueller investigation, as the interim Attorney General. We have no idea what damage he might have already done to the investigation but I think we can all agree he wasn’t appointed to protect Mueller’s work.

The other story you should be paying attention to: another horrific mass shooting took place in a California bar last night, killing some 12 people, including a sheriff’s deputy who was about to retire. Actress Tamra Mowry is concerned her niece might have been in the bar at the time. The most heartbreaking part of this Washington Post piece about the shooting is the note that some of the people in the bar at the time had also at the Las Vegas massacre. Because that’s how often mass shootings happen in this country: you can be a victim of multiple mass shootings IN ONE YEAR. According to Gun Violence Archive, this is the 307th mass shooting in America this year. This is the 312th day of the year.

The other story you should be paying attention to: despite some painful and marquee losses, the Democrats had an amazing midterm election despite the odds being stacked against them. How are the odds stacked against Democrats? More than 8 million more people voted Democratic in the midterms — and they still lost two Senate seats. But let’s be positive! Besides the 29 House seats they picked up, they also flipped some 330 state-level seats WHICH IS HUGELY IMPORTANT, especially heading into the 2020 election and the census. And though the Democrats are beating themselves up over Beto’s loss and the loss of the Florida governorship and not taking back the Senate, the fact is taking over the House is a big fucking deal, especially since as the first story I was screaming about demonstrates that Trump is willing to do whatever it takes to cover his ass.

But the story we are going to talk about because this is a TV blog and we need to talk about the TV angle to these political issues even though this is exactly what Trump WANTS us to talk about and we are doing his bidding by focusing on it: Donald Trump held a press conference yesterday in an attempt to spin the midterms as having been positive for the GOP and him personally, and it was utterly batshit insane and ended with a direct attack on the free press and truth itself. 

A few highlights: when he was asked about his rhetoric emboldening racists and white nationalists, he fired back that the question itself — which was asked by an African-American woman — was racist.

Trump repeatedly told April Ryan, another African-American woman, to sit down when she tried to ask him questions about voter suppression and then claimed that CNN’s polling was the real voter suppression (???)

He claimed that he had the “highest poll numbers with African-Americans” which, what? And then claimed to not know who Lil’ John was, despite being a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice.

He said he couldn’t understand three different foreign reporters because of their accents.

He claimed “very close complete victory” in the midterms despite “very hostile media coverage, to put it mildly,”  and then read a list of Republicans who didn’t “embrace” him enough, claiming that’s why they lost their races (instead of, you know, competing in purple districts whose voters were disgusted with Trump).

He threatened House Democrats that if they attempt to investigate, he will retaliate with investigations by the Senate:

“They have nothing. Zero. You know why? Because there is nothing. But they can play that game, but we can play it better. Because we have a thing called the United States Senate. And a lot of very questionable things were done between leaks of classified information and many other elements that should not have taken place. And all you are going to do is end up in back-and-forth and back-and-forth.”

He also threatened he will take a “war-like” stance with the Democrats if they dare to do their job.

He threatened to end the Mueller investigation, saying he could “fire everybody” — which of course he partially followed through with hours after the press conference. He also suggested that he had a solution to the abortion question? But it’s super secret?

Maybe my favorite moment was when he was asked about releasing his tax returns if the Democrats request them and he explained that he was disinclined to do so because they are “complicated” and “people wouldn’t understand them.”

“Well, look, as I’ve told you, they’re under audit. They have been for a long time. They’re extremely complex. People wouldn’t understand them. They’re done by among the biggest and best law firms in the country. Same thing with the accounting firms. The accountants are a very, very large, powerful firm from the standpoint of respect, they’re highly respected. Big firm. A great law firm, you know it very well. They do these things, they put them in. But people don’t understand tax returns . . . But it’s big and it’s complex, and it’s probably feet high. It is a very complex instrument.”

But the highlight — if you can call it that — was Trump’s showdown with his favorite press nemesis, Jim Acosta. When Acosta questioned Trump’s lies about the migrant caravan, Trump lost his damn mind and began yelling at the reporter, telling him that he’s the president and Acosta is not. Or something. Acosta tried to follow-up with a question about the Mueller investigation when Trump announced he would not answer, and a female White House intern tried to grab the microphone out of Acosta’s hand. The exchange ended with Trump calling Acosta a “rude, terrible person.”

Watch the exchange here:

After this embarrassing exchange, Sarah Sanders announced via Twitter that Acosta’s press pass was being revoked, claiming that Acosta “put his hands” on the female intern:

But THEN, Sanders added a video that was uploaded by Alex Jones’ crazy conspiracy site, Infowars, which sped up the footage to make the contact between Acosta and the intern look more violent than it actually was EVEN THOUGH WE ALL SAW IT WITH OUR OWN EYEBALLS.

All of this is some straight-up authoritarian bullshit that should not be tolerated by anyone who loves the First Amendment and the Constitution. The government stripping journalists of their press credentials is something countries like China and Russia does, not the United States. And I can not think of anything more Orwellian than a White House who constantly decries “Fake News” using literal fake news to smear a reporter. Just wrap your head around that propagandistic nonsense.

The White House Correspondents Association responded in defense of Jim Acosta:

I assure you, Jim Acosta is just the first reporter who will be stripped of their press credentials by this White House. As Trump feels more and more cornered in these next two years, he’s going to lash out even more and it is not going to be pretty and it’s not going to be safe. Not for reporters, not for justice, not for our country.

In fact, a man was just arrested for making death threats to CNN, specifically Don Lemon. The man called CNN some 40 times between October 30 and November 2.

On the other side, protestors showed up at Tucker Carlson’s house and chanted, “Tucker Carlson, we will fight!” “We know where you sleep at night!” His wife called the cops, and the group that organized the protest was kicked off of Twitter.

In other TV news

Last night’s It’s Always Sunny was shockingly and powerfully emotional. I won’t spoil it for you except to say that it dealt with Mac’s sexuality in an uncharacteristically sensitive way. Here’s how that surprising It’s Always Sunny finale came together. And Rob McElhenney talks about the episode and a terrific season overall here. God dammit this show is good.

And be sure to click on and read this guy’s thread:

South Park basically admitted they were assholes about climate change.

Bryan Cranston is on board for the Breaking Bad movie — but he hasn’t read the script and he hasn’t been asked to join by Vince Gilligan, so calm down.


Here’s the University of Michigan and Penn State bands joining forces for a pretty epic Game of Thrones tribute:

Wait, Laura Palmer was inspired by a real person? (Here’s more about Hazel Drew’s story.)

Abby Lee Miller has returned to Dance Moms following a particularly hard few years.

Hope you’re all better, Selena Gomez!


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