Can we stop with this charade already?

Within hours — minutes? — of this last tweet, a third bomb addressed to CNN was found in a postal facility.

The alleged bomber, Cesar A. Sayoc Jr., had a van with stickers reading “DISHONEST MEDIA” and “CNN SUCKS” plastered on it.

As for the horrific massacre at the Pittsburgh synagogue in which 11 elder members of the Tree of Life congregation were murdered by a virulent anti-Semite while they prayed, the alleged shooter, Robert Bowers had posted on Gab that a Jewish refugee organization was responsible for bringing “invaders” into our country to “kill our people.”

This, after Donald Trump had been shrieking for weeks about the caravan of migrants moving through Central America, and his right-wing cohorts accused George Soros of financing it. This, the same week that Donald Trump proudly declared himself a “nationalist” right here in Houston.

This is not complicated. There is a direct line from Point A: The President of the United States’ attacks on the free press, his political enemies, and people of color and other minorities to Point B: violence enacted by his followers. And that line is so short, those two points are almost indistinguishable.

So everyone can just save me the hand-wringing over how much culpability the President bears for the violence of the past week: the bombings, for the heartbreaking murder of Jews in Pittsburgh, and for the attempted mass slaughter in a black church in Kentucky that ended in the death of two African-Americans who just happened to be in a parking lot. Donald Trump has been lighting matches since before he declared his candidacy; we can’t be surprised at the conflagration we are left with.

Please vote. And if you have voted, please consider helping in some way a campaign you believe in during these last few moments ahead of Election Day. I am terrified of the flames and how brightly they are burning.

In other TV News

Sort of related to the above:

It’s been a long week for Fox Business News’ Lou Dobbs who had to delete a tweet suggesting that the bombs were “fake,” and the network is deleting an episode in which a guest suggested that George Soros was financing the caravan — a sentiment that fueled the Tree of Life massacre.

This is a top editor at The Financial Times:

Chuck Lorre’s title card on this week’s The Big Bang Theory? I can relate.


God, (I call you that even though I suspect thou art well beyond names and words and might actually be some sort of ineffable quantum situation), I humbly beseech thee to make thy presence known on November 6th. Demonstrate your omnipotence through us as we make ink marks on little circles in curtained booths. Of course if you, in your divine wisdom, believe a fascist, hate-filled, fear-mongering, demagogic, truth-shattering, autocratic golf cheater is what we need right now, then, you know, thy will be done. But if thou art inclined to more freedom, more love, more compassion, and just more of the good stuff thou hath been promoting in our hearts or our parietal lobes – either one, doesn’t really matter – I submissively ask that thy encourage voter turnout in that general direction. Also God, please help Bob Mueller. Guide him and make him strong, brave, wise and true. And yes, I know there must be thousands of guys named Bob Mueller, so why not help them all, just to be on the safe side. Amen. Oh, almost forgot, remind those who collaborate with the darkness that thou art the light, and the light is not above whipping out a little Old Testament wrath. Amen again.”

And thank you, Johnny Galecki.

Megyn Kelly is reportedly eyeing a return to Fox News.

The Today Show‘s third hour without Megyn Kelly debuted this morning and is now hosted by Craig Melvin, Hoda Kotb and Al Roker. Fittingly.

My love for the Matt Damon/Jimmy Kimmel relationship is irrational but here we are.

ZOMG: The Haunting of Hill House siblings = the stages of grief.

Ahead of his final episode of The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln wrote a thank you letter to the fans. While we’re on the topic of The Walking Dead, I intend to spend this week trying to catch up with the recaps before his final episode this Sunday. Wish me luck.

The streaming service FilmStruck, which hosted the Criterion Collection and was the excuse I gave my husband for buying an Apple TV, is being shut down. AND I AM VERY UNHAPPY ABOUT THIS DEVELOPMENT.

There was a mini-Stark-sibling reunion this weekend and I am all about it.

Note to self: If ever auditioning for the role of Khalessi, do the robot.

Game of Thrones has launched a series of handbags and while I consider myself House Targaryen, those Stark bags are HOT.

The Apu saga continues. The creator of the documentary, The Problem with Apu, which started the whole conversation about The Simpsons‘ character revealed that multiple people affiliated with the show have told him that the character is going to be quietly dropped from the series.

Or, wait, maybe not?

Tina Fey is the executive producer of Busy Philipp’s new talk show that premiered last night and I didn’t watch because I was TOO TIRED.

Michael Ausiello has some mild spoilers for Supernatural, Outlander, Grey’s Anatomy and some of your other favorite shows.

Will podcasts translate to television? Homecoming and Dirty John sure hope so.

Martin Scorsese says that HBO canceling Vinyl was a “tragedy.” He was wrong.

David Cross is pretty sure Arrested Development is for sure done now.

Here is an easter egg from a series that has not been on the air for five years.

The creepy way the monster on Channel Zero moves is 100% contortionist, 0% CGI. Speaking of Channel Zero, there might be some sort of crossover or a revisiting of an old character in future seasons, and here the creator recommends five essential horror films, and they are quality.


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s 90s jam, “Don’t Be a Lawyer,” spoke to me, the wife of a lawyer, despite the fact that my husband’s being a lawyer is the only way I am able to do this job at all.

Robert Durst will have to stand trial for the murder of his best friend, Susan Berman. Still no trial for the murder of innocent candy in my CVS, though.

Viacom is making some changes at the head of their cable channels if you are interested at all.


HBO has hired an “intimacy coordinator” to oversee sex scenes on its shows, to make ensure safe working conditions for the actors. For some reason this is a big story that is being picked up everywhere, instead of being what the standard should be for all sets.

Actress Sarah Scott’s claim of sexual assault and misconduct against fellow actor Kip Pardue while filming a sex scene for indie series Mogulettes, is finally going to mediation at SAG-AFTRA after months of inaction. Sounds like that series could use an intimacy coordinator.

Donald Trump must turn over records in the Summer Zervos sexual harassment trial. GOOD.

Jerry Seinfeld gave an interesting and nuanced interview to the New York Times where he managed to talk about Louis C.K., Roseanne, Bill Cosby, Nanette, and the #MeToo movement. I don’t agree with everything he said, and there will be critics of what he said, particularly about Louis C.K. and Roseanne. But it’s clear he’s been giving a lot of thought to these issues which is all I ask.

Here’s how the CBS investigation into its own shenanigans is going.

A former chef on Home & Family on the Hallmark Channel is suing the network for being sexually harassed and fired from the show.

A former PBS employee is suing for being fired over what he claims was an innocuous comment about Meghan Markle.

Will the Megyn Kelly mess be the end of Andy Lack at NBC News?

The New York Times discovered that over the past decade, three senior Google executives were accused of sexual misconduct who were ousted from the company, but given millions and millions to soften the blow — $90 million in one instance. Must be nice. The company has also fired some 48 employees for sexual harassment in the past 2 years, reportedly.

Patricia Clarkson believes Netflix did the right thing in firing Kevin Spacey because no doy.



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Ntozake Shange, Writer best known for the play For Colored Girls.


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