Stephen Colbert has a few conspiracy theories about this Saudi Arabian mess and the rest of the best of late night

Stephen Colbert returns after a week off grateful to not have to watch the news alone. He takes on the horrific story of the Washington Post journalist the Saudis murdered (MAYBE) (BUT COME ON) and outlines Trump’s conspiracy theory that there are plenty of other suspects: Squee, P.J. …

John Oliver also dives deep into the Saudi Arabian story on Last Week Tonight:

James Corden took on Trump’s 60 Minutes interview, and points out that the people who repeatedly insist they “are not a baby” are toddlers:

Trevor Noah wants to talk about white women calling 9-1-1 on black people. Come on, my fellow white ladies, let’s be more like the white lady calling out the white lady for being an asshole and not the white lady who is being an asshole:

Jimmy Kimmel is in Brooklyn this week, but promises it’s only a limited engagement like Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande:

Finally, Jon Hamm would rather eat a bull’s penis than reveal the size of his … um … hammaconda.

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