Chris Hardwick tearfully returns to ‘Talking Dead’ while a bunch of women exits the show because fuck that guy

Chris Hardwick was back on Talking Dead last night and tearfully thanked the audience without directly addressing the allegations by his ex-girlfriend Chloe Dykstra. You can watch the video here.

Meanwhile, a female executive producer and a handful of other employees (on a staff of about 25) quit the show in protest of his return.

Dykstra, who did not participate in the investigation (and hence, why Hardwick was given his job back), says that she stands by her essay.

And Nerdist returned Hardwick’s name to the masthead, too.

I mean, look, this is a messy situation that, like the Aziz Ansari situation, demonstrates how complicated these sexual misconduct situations can be. Personally, I believe both Dykstra’s account and Hardwick’s other ex-girlfriends who say he was never abusive towards them because — stick with me here — relationships can be complicated and nuanced and people don’t necessarily interact with different people in the exact same ways, especially in romantic situations.

But because Dykstra did not cooperate with AMC’s investigation, I do understand why AMC, NBC, and Nerdist gave him his jobs back. That said, the way Hardwick responded to Dykstra’s post, by releasing messages between himself and Dykstra to TMZ in an attempt to discredit her (and the fact that the messages did not accomplish that), the fact that his former co-workers didn’t defend him, and the fact that a number of women quit Talking Dead because he was reinstated, all of that should give everyone pause before we just accept this narrative that he was a completely innocent victim.

In other #MeToo news

Lindsay Lohan has rethought it and is sorry for her nasty #MeToo comments in the story that is so not surprising that while I was posting the story about her original comments, I actually looked for her apology because it was just a matter of time and we all knew it.

Ruby Rose had to delete her Twitter account because people were monsters to her over her being cast as Batwoman — some accusing her of not being gay enough. People need to find some God damned chill.

Russel Simmons is now demanding that a woman who has accused him of rape pay him $35,000 because this man knows no shame.

Marilyn Manson will not face charges of rape and other offenses because the statute of limitations have expired.

No charges will be filed against Girls writer Murray Miller by the L.A. D.A.’s office because the statute of limitations have expired.

Ashley Judd’s lawyers are not having it with Harvey Weinstein’s nonsense.

One of Harvey Weinstein’s best friends and the chairman of MSG Networks wrote a song about him. Gross, no.

Chloë Grace Moretz, the star of Louis C.K.’s movie I Love You, Daddy, just wants it to go away forever. Can’t say I blame her, that title gives me the shivers every time.

Geoffrey Rush acted like a “pervert” according to court documents.

In other TV News

Omarosa has just been all over the teevees in the past 24 hours, sharing the tapes she made of John Kelly and Donald Trump — and it’s kinda delicious. She also said she has heard Trump say the N-word on the legendary tapethat he’s trying to start a race war and that people (Hope Hicks) were having sex in the White House; that the Trumpies tried to buy her silence; that Trump wanted to be sworn in on The Art of the Deal; and that he is in mental decline.

Meanwhile, Trump has called Omarosa a “lowlife,” “wacky,” and “vicious but not smart.” Yeah, but you’re the one who hired her, so. (Also, have none of these people in the Trump Administration ever seen, say, a reality show or know what a reality show villain looks like? You know, like the one Omarosa played on a little show called The Apprentice? Because this entire mess was ENTIRELY PREDICTABLE.)

In other political news, you didn’t need to remind Elizabeth Warren that Ballers was going to return last night, thanks.

Supernatural’s season is going to “take on a much darker tone” during Michael’s possession of Dean, and its aftermath.

Here are a couple of pictures from the upcoming Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix. What is even going on in that second one? Is he a matador?

Alyssa Milano is also pissed about the Charmed reboot and says she wishes she and the original cast had been involved. And it sounds like she won’t be making any cameos.

Maurice Benard has been on General Hospital for 25 years as of today! Congratulations, Sonny!

The HGTV renovation of the Brady Bunch house is not making the neighbors happy.

This is a pretty hilarious slideshow of actors who hated the shows they were on. Apparently, Gossip Girl was VERY hated — and they didn’t even include Taylor Momsen.

Hulu is set to lose a lot of money this year. A LOT, a lot.

It’s J.R.R. Tolkien’s fault that Ned Stark and Khal Drogo are dead, the bastard.

In Development

  • Tyra Banks has signed a first-look deal with Universal TV.

Casting News

Mark Your Calendar


Ronnie Taylor, Cinematographer

Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart, WWE wrestler


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  1. Another thing to keep in mind the recording she made with John Kelly was done in what is supposed to be a secure room. IE no electronic devices at all. Shows the disregard for security protocol that is most likely running rampant there. Not that I’m surprised.
    And shouldn’t “The last sharknado movie” have last in quotes? We all know they’re gonna take it at least one further.

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