Let’s look at some Comic-Con cosplay and then put this year’s nerdfest to bed.

Obviously, I did not go to San Diego Comic-Con, but io9 did, and they have a roundup of some of the best cosplay. The Night King cosplay and Dolores from Westworld are both A++.

Variety has some interesting takeaways from this year’s Comic-Con, noting that HBO was very missed and that showrunners are stars, too. (And I wonder when that began. I suspect it began with Lost, but I’m happy to hear other theories.)

After drunkenly kicking police officers and threatening to kill them last year, The Countess’ felony charges were knocked down to three misdemeanors which she pled guilty to. As her sentence, she has a year of probation and must “pay all fines and court costs, perform 50 hours of community service, attend two AA meetings per week, not posses [sic] or consume alcohol or illegal drugs and attend a Victim Impact Class organized by Mothers Against Drunk Drivers” as well as write a letter of apology to the deputy she attacked, which she reportedly has already done. Money can’t buy you class, indeed.

Maisie Williams is getting another Game of Thrones tattoo, and though she obviously doesn’t need my approval, she has it anyway.

This is a whole story about how NBC is going to begin promoting the 2020 Olympics today as if that is weird or too far off in the future, but as someone who writes about the Olympics, I am here to tell you they happen before you know it.

This is a dumb interview with Jared and Ashley I. of the so-called “Bachelor Nation” on their improbable relationship. If you watch these shows, you know what I’m talking about and don’t need to read the story, and if you don’t watch these shows, you don’t need to read the story, you’re not missing anything. It’s so dumb. ANYWAY, the main reason to click the link is for the picture which I find hilarious for the third party involved.

Jason Spencer is too stupid to function.

Y’all, Lawrence isn’t going to be in this season of Insecure, and you just need to be able to deal with that.

Give Judy Greer her own show already.

PaleyFest has announced their lineup including lineups for the networks’ new shows, plus panels on You, Project Blue Book and Castle Rock if you’re interested.

MTV’s former VJ Jesse Camp is missing and it’s not sounding great, guys.

Time’s Up

Dan Harmon is REALLY SORRY about that whole dumb Daryl video I mentioned here yesterday. Adult Swim is all, “NOT COOL, DAN,” but they’re not canceling Rick & Morty or firing him or anything because they aren’t completely insane.

Meanwhile, in the continuing James Gunn controversy, Bobcat Goldthwait is supporting the director and would like Disney to remove his voice from their Hercules ride (which I didn’t even realize was a thing?). Roseanne Barr, however, is REALLY MAD that the same people supporting Gunn applauded her firing. And I get it! I get the confusion — they both made terrible jokes, so why is she being vilified while he’s being supported? To be completely honest, I think it’s a few things: 1. Gunn tweeted those “jokes” ten years ago, and not in the current political and cultural environment, unlike Barr. 2. Gunn (as far as I know) did not go after a specific person by name and for political reasons. And 4. because Gunn, as a noted Hollywood liberal, is, for the Hollywood community, easier to sympathize with than a conspiracy theory-spewing Trump supporter who was rewarded for her political beliefs with a show that gave her a platform for those beliefs. Is that last point fair? Maybe not! But these things are not happening in a vacuum, nor are they happening for simply cut-and-dry political reasons, either.

Oh god, Family Guy plans on doing a #MeToo episode. NO THANK YOU.



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