Is Roseanne Barr giving her blessing for a spinoff? I mean maybe. Or maybe she’s a loon and we should stop paying attention to her tweets.

Some people think Roseanne may be signaling that she won’t stand in the way of a spinoff with this tweet.

First of all, trying to read this nut’s tea leaves is an exercise in futility. But second of all, I’ll believe it when I see it (and once the lawyers aren’t called).

A former network executive weighs in on whether he thinks ABC will do a Roseanne spinoff, how the network will fill the hole in their schedule and whether or not ABC will bring back any of the series they canceled.

If the Roseanne spinoff doesn’t happen, will the stars still receive their $300,000-an-episode paychecks? Maybe — although that seems hardly fair if the writers and crew won’t be receiving severance pay.

LOL, an Emmy magazine has a profile about Channing Dungey that gushes about the Roseanne reboot, and it was too late to pull it before being sent out to TV Academy voters. Whoops!

Kenya Barris was all ready to make a stink about Roseanne, but ABC took such swift action he never got the chance.

On that same panel, Jill Soloway addressed the Jeffrey Tambor Arrested Development mess:

Soloway addressed the difficult situation she faced on “Transparent” when star Jeffrey Tambor was accused of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior on the set, which led to his firing last year. She pointed to the response generated by a recent Q&A in the New York Times with stars of “Arrested Development,” another show featuring Tambor, in which the male cast members appeared to defend Tambor’s behavior at the expense of his female co-star Jessica Walter.

“Men are really comfortable denying (harassment claims), but they’re really willing to admit to that kind of bullying and tantrum (throwing) behavior,” Soloway said. “The men of the ‘Arrested Development’ cast were saying, ‘At work, people get to be really awful to each other.’ …That’s the centering of the status quo,” she said.

Speaking of Arrested Development, Mitch Hurwitz has finally spoken out about the Tambor-Walter fight, and admits that he was “guilty of not realizing how deeply upsetting that was for Jessica.” He also explains his decision to not cut Tambor from the series after the Transparent allegations came out, and his explanation isn’t unreasonable.

Hey, Sean Hannity just instructed witnesses in the Robert Mueller investigation to destroy evidence, so that’s fun.

Meanwhile, that former Fox News contributor who quit in that spectacular blaze of glory draaaaaaaaagged Fox News and Sean Hannity on Anderson Cooper 360 last night.

Game of Thrones returns to an interesting setting for some filming. HMMM…

Reality show hosts share their most awkward moments. And reality producers weigh in on Trump. Favorite quote: “Housewives like Trump don’t last because there’s no there there. When you throw your leg, what else is left?” — Andy Cohen.

Netflix is really snippy about you criticizing them for renewing 13 Reasons Why

The Friends reunion is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN, LET IT GO. But if it makes you feel any better, Ross and Rachel are still together.

Peter Jackson will not be involved with Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series, sorry to disappoint you.

American Idol will be auditioning around the country, beginning on August 25. For those of you here in Houston, they come to town on September 4. Meanwhile, Mariah Carey really really really really hated being an American Idol judge.

NBC News is building a streaming video outlet for a new way to disseminate FAKE NEWS.

Lena Waithe, Eva Longoria, The Black List, and Marco are teaming up to promote more writers of color.

Tracee Ellis Ross is a badass.


The Today Show did not appreciate Bill Clinton blaming them for his terrible answer regarding Monica Lewinsky. And Lordy, there are tapes.

Here is an interesting piece about watching Sex and the City through a #MeToo filter, and how the series holds up 20 years later.

Dylan Farrow dismisses Woody Allen’s recent gross comments as a PR campaign to try to salvage his career.

Three editors of the Boston Review have quit in protest after the magazine chose to retain Junot Diaz.


  • Fancy Nancy has been renewed at Disney ahead of its premiere.

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  1. I feel for the crew that at least for now lost their jobs. But sadly this is the norm every where. The big shots get negotiated contracts with golden parachutes while the people who do the real work get nothing when it all falls apart.

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