NBC clears NBC of any wrongdoing, so move along, talk about something else, nothing to see here.

Wow, NBC. WOW.

Alright, so in the wake of the Matt Lauer shitshow, NBCUniversal conducted an “internal investigation” to look into whether or not NBC News or the heads at The Today Show had any knowledge that their biggest star was a sexually harassing asshole, and guess what? The investigation found “no evidence indicating that any NBC News or Today Show leadership, News HR or others in positions of authority in the News Division received any complaints about Lauer’s workplace behavior prior to November 27, 2017.”

Of course, this directly contradicts what Ann Curry recently said, claiming she was approached by one woman who was frightened to come forward so Curry took her complaint to management. The report did mention the Ann Curry story, only to respond, “Nuh-uh.”

And how this is not considered a complaint about Lauer’s behavior is a GODDAMNED MYSTERY:

Surprisingly, not everyone is convinced by NBC’s declaration of NBC’s innocence. Press Forward, a group that came to being after these sex scandals in newsrooms started coming out, were not impressed:

While we appreciate NBC releasing the results of its internal investigation to the public, there needs to be an independent internal investigation for this to be credible. There is an inherent conflict of interest when management reviews itself. To truly assess culture and get honest responses from employees, we recommend hiring an independent third party, as is common practice. No one is going to be fully candid when speaking to management for fear of losing their jobs. News organizations, journalists and media all hold corporations, governments, and individuals to higher standards in similar instances, so it’s concerning that NBC would not choose to follow those same standards itself.

Pam also neglects to mention last week’s terrible The Today Show reporting on the Washington Redskins cheerleaders’ story, BUT I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN, NBC NEWS. What this most reminds me of is the internal investigation E! did on the Ryan Seacrest story — and you know who E! is owned by? NBCUniversal. And the point is, there is a reason Donald Trump Jr. isn’t in charge of the Russia Investigation.

Roman Polanski is now threatening to sue The Academy of Motion Pictures over his expulsion. He also called the #MeToo movement “collective hysteria” and “hypocrisy.” I am shocked. This is my shocked face.

The police are investigating Thomas Ravenel.

The New York Attorney General’s office assures everyone that the Harvey Weinstein case will not be sidelined just because Schneiderman had to resign in disgrace for being a disgusting human being.

In other infuriating news

Look. There’s a LOT going on over in TrumpWorld: Pulling out of the Iran deal; the North Korean hostages being released; his CIA nominee being grilled; the shocking revelations that Michael Cohen was accepting tons of money from a Russian oligarch at the same time he was paying off Stormy Daniels (as well as receiving a ton of money from AT&T and some other companies), but that’s not what this blog is about (technically). That said, President Must Never Be Criticized had some thoughts about the free press this morning. Today’s tweet was especially because he finally gave us a definition of what “FAKE NEWS!!!” actually is. See if you can spot it!

First of all, fuck off with that “take away credentials” bullshit.

But second of all, negative ≠ fake. Not true = fake, but NEGATIVE ≠ FAKE IF THE NEGATIVE STORIES ARE ACCURATE. Which, you goddamned doofus, the stories being reported by The New York Times, and CNN, and MSNBC, and The Washington Post, and ABC News, and CBS News, and NBC News are presumed to be because journalists have these things called integrity and standards and can’t just put lies out there into the ether without being held accountable. NOT THAT YOU WOULD KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THAT, PRESIDENT CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP LYING.

The White House Correspondents Association was Very Not Happy about this tweet, and released this statement:

Word. Now start calling him a liar when he lies to y’all’s faces, guys.

Meanwhile, how about that Michael Avanatti, the man single-handedly responsible for most of the stories about Trump that is generating that 91% number?

Alright, Cocaine Mitch, you win this round.

In actual TV News

More Game of Thrones spoilers about who will make an appearance at [SPOILER]. It also suggests some potentially spoilery information about the finale, so TREAD CAREFULLY.

OH DAMN, Clayne Crawford is out on Lethal Weapon. It’s unclear whether this will be enough to save the series at Fox.  This probably should go under casting, but it’s pretty big news, so I’m putting it up here. Crawford at least had a sense of humor about it:


I didn’t watch last night’s Very Special Episode of Roseanne where she meets the Muslim neighbors, because fuck that show, but this person did, and they weren’t impressed.

Folks are not happy about Ryan Murphy’s “Consent” series idea.

Fargo — which is better than Legion and that is a hill I am willing to die on — probably won’t be back until at least 2020.

People are speculating that Dean will turn evil in the next season of Supernatural thanks in part to this Instagram:


Apparently, Steven Universe confirmed a fan theory and everyone’s minds were blown, but I don’t watch this show, so I don’t know what any of this means. I guess it’s exciting?

There’s going to be an easter egg in the Young Sheldon finale that I am sure will delight the people who watch that show of which I am not one.

Pauley Perrette finally left NCIS last night. I’m sure it was an emotional farewell for those who watch that show.


  • A.P. Bio has been renewed for a second season at NBC, HOO-FUCKING-RAY! Now watch this dark and hilarious little series, please and thank you.


  • Valor has (finally) been cancelled at The CW.
  • Instinct hasn’t been officially cancelled at CBS, but it was pulled from the schedule which is never a good sign.

In Development

Casting News

Mark Your Calendars

  • Mayans MC will debut on FX sometime this fall.


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