America finally willing to believe 60+ women over one sweater-wearing man.

Bill Cosby was found guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault yesterday, for a sexual assault that took place in 2004 against Andrea Constand, a Temple University employee whom he drugged, penetrated and groped. Fucking finally.

Over the span of decades, Cosby has been accused by over 60 women of drugging, groping, and raping them, including models Janice Dickinson and Beverly Johnson. MORE THAN 60. Though the first accusations against him came out in the 90s, it wasn’t until comedian Hannibal Burress called him out as a rapist in a 2014 stand-up routine that people started taking notice. Because a man’s word is more valuable than multiple women’s’.

Unfortunately for most of the women who came forward after 2014, the statue of limitations had expired for their cases. Constand’s case first came to trial last year, but that jury deadlocked. In this retrial, the judge allowed five of his other victims to testify, and Cosby’s defense tried to paint Constand as an extortionist. Neither of these developments worked in the defense’s favor in this #MeToo movement.

Cosby faces up to 30 years in prison, but for some fucked up reason, was allowed to go home on a $1 million bond after yesterday’s verdict. The prosecutors tried to label him a flight risk, which led to Cosby — who famously scolded other comedians for cursing — to call one lawyer an “asshole.”

Cosby is planning to appeal. Yeah, good luck with that, fucker.

In the wake of the verdict, Bounce TV pulled reruns of The Cosby Show from their schedule and a number of universities have rescinded their honorary doctorates — but not Boston University.

It’s unnecessary for me to repeat here what a thousand other people have already said about the collective cognitive dissonance currently being experienced (particularly by those of us who are a part of Generation X) from the revelation that “America’s Dad” was a serial rapist all along, except to say that it leaves me seething with rage that this man used his friendly — and utterly fictional — persona to deceive America and that it took this long (and two trials) for people to believe 60+ women over one cordial-seeming man.

Oh, Tom Brokaw. Not you, too. Fuck, this is exhausting. Linda Vester, a former NBC correspondent, has come forward to say that in the 1990s, Tom Brokaw groped and tried to kiss her, and showed up to her hotel room uninvited. A second woman who worked as a production assistant during the same period made similar accusations but declined to be named.

Brokaw released a statement through NBC News stating: “I met with Linda Vester on two occasions, both at her request, 23 years ago, because she wanted advice with respect to her career at NBC. The meetings were brief, cordial and appropriate, and despite Linda’s allegations, I made no romantic overtures towards her, at that time or any other.” He also denies the other woman’s account.

It should be noted that back in January on Meet the Press, Tom Brokaw said the following about the #MeToo movement:

My big issue with it is that I think it’s well overdue, frankly, to have the kind of disclosure that we’re seeing, but there has to be some kind of codification. The difference between Harvey Weinstein and Steve Wynn and then other people down at the other end who are getting the same front page treatment, for example, don’t have a chance to speak out, don’t get to confront the people who are accusing them. We’ve got to get some kind of a system in place for dealing with all of this beyond what we’re doing now. It’s all tabloid fodder and it’s — and that’s not good for the country.

He also criticized the Democratic party for pushing Al Franken out, saying, “where are the lines about all of this, because it’s not going away. . . . Not easy to arrive at these conclusions because so many of them are subjective. It’s in the minds of the violator or the recipient, or even the people who are on the left or the right. But I do think we need to have a healthier, well-defined dialogue, if you will, and I’m not sure how we launch into it.” Brokaw also said that what Franken did was “not third-degree murder, this is not a stick-up of some kind in which you can clearly identify a crime.”

All of this comes out at the same time a damning Washington Post story broke about the culture at NBC News, and how it allowed sexual harassment to occur unchecked. Ann Curry, who has been remarkably quiet during all of this, told the paper that she was approached by an NBC employee who had been harassed by Matt Lauer and asked Curry to help her. Curry went to management and reported the issue, and fuckall was done. This contradicts NBC’s claims that the complaint that led to Matt Lauer being fired last year was the first of its kind for the anchor.

Ann Curry, who is hemmed in by a non-disclosure agreement, did say there was “pervasive verbal sexual harassment at NBC.”

Matt Lauer released a statement in response to the story:

“I have made no public comments on the many false stories from anonymous or biased sources that have been reported about me over these past several months . . . I remained silent in an attempt to protect my family from further embarrassment and to restore a small degree of the privacy they have lost. But defending my family now requires me to speak up.

“I fully acknowledge that I acted inappropriately as a husband, father and principal at NBC. However I want to make it perfectly clear that any allegations or reports of coercive, aggressive or abusive actions on my part, at any time, are absolutely false.”

OK, you can now go away again, Matt Lauer.

People are NOT HAPPY with the choice of Michael Che and Colin Jost as the hosts of the first #MeToo Emmys, and they’re not wrong. Were Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Tina Fey or Amy Poehler not available?

Cannes is launching a sexual harassment hotline.

Singer Kelis says that Nas beat her during their marriage.

Nicolette Sheridan says she was a victim of assault and battery by Marc Cherry on the set of Desperate Housewives.

Other TV News

Holy God, Kellyanne Conway said that Trump wants to go on Fox & Friends once a month. I’m not sure his lawyers’ blood pressure can take it. (I know mine can’t.)

Meanwhile, Anderson Cooper drops an amazing Simpsons reference while talking about Trump’s appearance yesterday:

Dammit, Matt Groening, saying that “it’s a time in our culture where people love to pretend they’re offended” is not going to help calm down this whole Apu situation.

And speaking of culutral sensitivity, I am trusting that Westworld is going to handle Shōgun World appropriately, and that, in fact, it is being used to set up questions about racism.

Amazon is raising the price of Prime membership to $119 a year, goddammit. Still worth it, though. Or, you could try this trick to lock in another year at $99. Good luck!

Here are some interesting thoughts about which pilots have the best chance of being ordered by the networks. This writer seems to think CBS will pick up all of their reboots (Murphy Brown, Magnum P.I., and Cagney and Lacey). Here are some shows that should be allowed to rest in peace, and I agree with all but one, but it’s probably not the one you think.

Whoa, are Star Trek writers time travelers from the future?

Oh my God:

This is Us is not going to kill off Beth. (Yet.)

Jerry Seinfeld will be the next man David Letterman interviews on his Netflix show. I look forward to his first female guest. Ahem.

Steve Irwin will be given a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

I love Leslie Jones and I love Christian Siriano and I love Leslie Jones and Christian Siriano together.

A tribute to Sam Winchester’s hair.

Stranger Things would like you to know they are in production for season three:

Here is a story about the set design for a show I am never going to watch ever again.

Get well soon, Amy Schumer!



In Development

Casting News

Mark Your Calendar

  • Succession will debut on HBO on June 3 AND IT LOOKS GOOD.
  • Yellowstone will premiere on the Paramount Network on June 20.


Don Bustany, Co-creator of “American Top 40” and technical coordinator



3%: This Brazilian dystopian series is a fun ride if you’re looking for something different. Season two premiere. Netflix

Bobby Kennedy for President: A four-hour documentary series exploring the candidacy of Robert Kennedy. Series premiere. Netflix

The Week Of: Adam Sandler and Chris Rock star in this movie as two fathers with opposing personalities who have to deal with each other the week of their kids’ wedding. Or something. Netflix

Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie: A documentary that studies the controversies surrounding the doll that would always be controversial. Hulu


The Hitman’s Bodyguard: Here are a bunch of reviews of this terrible-sounding movie comparing it to food: “The Hitman’s Bodyguard is the comfort food of action comedies, like mac and cheese with a side of extreme violence.” “Like a meal at the Cheesecake Factory, it is filling and unsatisfying.” “The Hitman’s Bodyguard is the Fuddruckers of movies: obnoxious, filled with kitschy music, and only digestible to the most undiscerning palates. It’s cinematic dog food.” Anyway, it’s HBO’s big Saturday night movie, so I thought I’d mention it. Instead of watching this, you should watch one of the movies below: 7 p.m., HBO

Kill Bill: Volume 1: 8 p.m., Showtime

Babe: 10:05 Showtime Family

Get Out: 6:15 p.m., HBO2P

Idiocracy: 8:43 Starz Comedy


The Simpsons: This episode officially makes The Simpsons the longest-running scripted series on television. Congrats! 7 p.m., Fox

Homeland: Carrie and Saul’s mission doesn’t go as planned in the season finale. 8 p.m., Showtime

Ash vs the Living Dead: It was fun while it lasted. Series finale. 8 p.m., Starz

Howards End: Series finale. 8:36 p.m., Starz

The Real Housewives of Atlanta 10th Anniversary: A look back at the most memorable moments of the past ten years with these crazy ladies. 7 p.m., Bravo

Fear the Walking Dead: Madison and Morgan try to help Nick find inner peace. 8 p.m., AMC

Timeless: Sherlock Holmes. 9 p.m., NBC

Late Night: Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (Friday): Dr. Phil McGraw, Hailey Baldwin, Julio Torres The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: (Friday): Mandy Patinkin, Heather Pasternak Watch What Happens Live (Sunday): Sting & Shaggy


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